Libraries' GIS Services

Getting Data

The Libraries provides access to a wide range of data resources, much of which is accessible to the campus community. Libraries GIS Team members will assist researchers in identifying additional sources of value-added and public domain geographic and attribute data and, if possible, will acquire it and provide on-site access. Referrals may be made to data clearinghouses. Major Libraries GIS data acquisitions will be announced on the GIS-ANNOUNCE e-mail list.

Assistance to non-NCSU users will be provided as resources permit.

Hardware and Software

Access to many ESRI software products such as ArcGIS are available through NCSU's campus site license. All Unity workstations in public labs have ArcGIS installed. The NCSU Libraries provides access to selected GIS software on publically available computer workstations.

The software may be used by faculty, staff, and students of NCSU (NCSU affiliates) and individuals from the community (non-NCSU affiliates), under the following guidelines:

  • If it becomes necessary, preference will be given to NCSU affiliates.
  • No products may be used for commercial purposes. Due notice is posted at each computer.
  • Requests for on-demand map production will not be taken.

Instruction & Assistance

On-site, individualized assistance is offered by appointment. Assistance via phone, chat, or email form is also provided.

Independent, online training is available to NCSU faculty, staff, and students through Esri E-Learning.

Libraries Data Services Contacts

Jeff Essic
Data Services Librarian
D.H. Hill Library
(919) 515-5698
fax: (919) 515-8264 or use the Data Services Contact Form

Mailing Address:
D.H. Hill Library
Research Engagement Department
2 Broughton Dr, NCSU Box 7111
Raleigh, NC 27695