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  • NC OneMap Watersheds - Map Service

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  • Wetland Restoration Planning Tool
  • Buffer of nanticoke_wetland_restoration_buffer
  • Pamela Park Wetland Restoration Project

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  • Wetlands & Deepwater Habitats, Wisconsin Wetland Restorations, Published in 2007, 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Watershed Management.
  • Wetlands & Deepwater Habitats, Inventory of individual wetland restorations in Manitowoc County, WI were mapped using orthophotography collected in 2010. Specific wetland restoration characteristics located in paper files are attributed to each record., Published in 2011, 1:2400 (1in=200ft) scale, Manitowoc County.
  • Environmental Modeling, The Natural Filter Wetland Targeting layers identify wetland restoration opportunities by county. Land use, hydrology, and soil characteristics were used to identify potential wetland restoration locations., Published in 2014, Smaller than 1:100000 scale, Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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    Habitat Restorations, Hydrologic Units, Potential Wetlands Restoration And Enhancement Sites, Surface Hydrography, Watersheds, Wetlands

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    CGIA: Wetlands-Restoration Sites by River Basin
    2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina unspecified Metadata Link
    CGIA: Priority wetland subbasins
    2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Wetland Restoration Program: Targeted local watersheds
    2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    DCM Potential Wetland Restoration & Enhancement Sites
    1999 DCM DataSub-North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Potential Wetlands Enhancements & Restoration Sites
    1999 CGIASub-North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link