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  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - SAV
  • NC OneMap Habitat - Map Service
  • NC 1996 Land Cover (Raster)

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  • Heat wave risk of European cities
  • Vegetation Analysis (543) 1990-2010
  • USDA USFS Wildland Fire Potential

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  • Farmers Markets Geographic Data
  • Great Alaska Earthquake, Prince William Sound, March 28, 1964
  • Quick Stats Agricultural Database

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  • Canadian EcoAtlas
  • National Land Cover Australia
  • Agriculture Census of the United States - 2007

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    Africanized Honeybee, Albedo, Amphibians, Avian Botulism, Avian Cholera, Avian Lead Poisoning, Bats, Biology, Birds, Buildings, Butterflies, Chinese Privet, Climate, Common Grouse, Cultivation Intensity, Ecoregions, Fire, Forests, Infrastructure, Invasive Species, Landsat Thematic Mapper, Land Use And Land Cover (LULC), Leafy Spurge, Moths, National Atlas, National Fire Plan, National Parks, NC State, NC State Campus, Parking Lots, Planimetrics, Purple Loosestrife, Rangelands, Recreation Areas, Shellfish, Tallowtree, Trees, Tundra, Utilities, Vegetation Cover, West Nile Virus, Wildlife Mortality, Zebra Mussel

    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    National Atlas: Biology DataDates Vary National AtlasUnited States Varies Metadata Link
    NCSU Campus: All Trees2007 NCSU Campus DataNCSU Campus   
    Raleigh Planimetrics2007 Raleigh CityRaleigh, North Carolina NULL Metadata Link
    Raleigh Planimetrics2006 Raleigh CityRaleigh, North Carolina NULL Metadata Link
    Climate Atlas: Vegetation Cover2000 Climate AtlasConterminous United States 1:1,000,000  
    ArcAtlas: Vegetation1996 ArcAtlasWorld 1:11,000,000  
    DCW: Vegetation Layer - By 5 Degree Tile1993 Digital Chart of the WorldWorld 1:1,000,000  
    DCW: Vegetation Layer - By Country1993 Digital Chart of the WorldWorld 1:1,000,000  
    UNEP GRID: NOAA/GVI Eight-Year (1983-1990) Mean Maximum (5 Categories)1991 UNEP GRIDWorld 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    UNEP GRID: NOAA/GVI Eight-Year (1983-1990) Mean Maximum (10 Categories)1991 UNEP GRIDWorld 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    Great Smoky Mountains NP: Vegetation1988 Great Smoky Mountains NPSub-North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    UNEP GRID: Natural Vegetation Map of the European Communities and the Council of Europe1987 UNEP GRIDEurope 1:3,000,000 Metadata Link
    GEO-3: Matthews Vegetation1983 GEO-3World 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    UNEP GRID: Major Ecosystem Complexes (Olson Vegetation, Polygon)1983 UNEP GRIDWorld 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    UNEP GRID: Major Ecosystem Complexes (Olson Vegetation, Image)1983 UNEP GRIDWorld 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    UNEP GRID: Matthews Vegetation, Cultivation Intensity and Albedo1983 UNEP GRIDWorld 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link