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   Search for "River Basins" - The top results (relevance sort) are listed below:
\"NC8 Results beginning with...
  • North Carolina River Basins
  • North Carolina River Basin Map (PDF format)
  • NC OneMap Watersheds - Map Service

  • \"ArcGIS764 Results beginning with...
  • HKH River Basin
  • Kenya_River_Basins
  • North Carolina River Basins

  • \"\"541 Results beginning with...
  • USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Downloadable Data Collection - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
  • Groundwater depletion in the United States (1900−2008)

  • \"WeoGeo8 Results beginning with...
  • Australian River Basins, Dams and Water Storages
  • USGS DRG Topo Marys River Basin SE, NV
  • USGS DRG Topo Marys River Basin NE, NV

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    Basins, Coastal Reserves, Conservation, Council Of Governments (COG), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Drainage Areas, Farmland Preservation, Fee Simple, Fish, Fish Community Sampling Sites, Game Lands, GTOPO30, Habitat Restorations, Hydrologic Units, Hydrology, Inland Waters, Land, Land Easements, Land Trusts, Local Government, Million Acres Initiative, National Forests, National Parks, Open Spaces, Planning, Quadrangle, River Sub-basins, River Subbasin, State Parks, Steward, Sub-basins, Surface Hydrography, Targeted Watersheds, Water Quality, Watersheds, Wildlife Refuges

    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    Land Trust Conservation Properties2008 NC OneMap - 3/30/2009North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Local Watershed Plans - EEP2006 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Targeted Local Watersheds - EEP2006 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Ecosystem Enhancement Program Targeted Local Watersheds2005 NC OneMap - 3/25/2008North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    Ecosystem Enhancement Program Local Watershed Plans2005 NC OneMap - 3/25/2008North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Fish sampling community sites2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: 14 digit hydrologic units2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: River basins2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Subbasins2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    Lands Managed for Conservation and Open Space2002 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Land Trust Conservation Properties2002 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    ESRI Data: Mexico Drainage Systems2000 ESRI Data 2000Mexico 1:3,000,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI Data: U.S. Drainage Systems (Generalized)2000 ESRI Data 2000United States 1:5,000,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI Data: World Drainage Systems2000 ESRI Data 2000World 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    Hydrologic Units - Line1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Hydrologic Units - Polygon1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Hydrologic Units - River Basins1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    Hydrologic Units - Sub Basins1998 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    EPA BASINS: Hydrologic Unit Boundaries of the Conterminous United States1998 EPA BASINSConterminous United States 1:250,000 Metadata Link
    Geochemical Atlas: Hydrologic Units1998 National Geochemical AtlasConterminous United States 1:5,000,000  
    CGIA: Hydrologic Units1994 CGIANorth Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Hydrologic Units: Riverbasins1994 CGIANorth Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Hydrologic Units: Subbasins1994 CGIANorth Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    Hydrologic Units (1:250,000)1994 United States 1:250,000 Metadata Link
    Hydro 1K North America: Drainage BasinsNorth America 1:1,000,000 Metadata Link
    GEO-3: Waterbasins (Polygon)GEO-3World 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link
    GEO-3: Waterbasins (Image)GEO-3World 1:15,000,000 Metadata Link