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  • Biodiversity/Wildlife Habitat Assessment (BWHA) - July 2013
  • Major Hydrography

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  • North Carolina's Fishery Nursery Areas
  • PNA_20150327
  • VA: Confirmed and Potential Habitat for Anadromous Fish

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  • ANIMALS - INDIVIDUAL - COUNTS, Displacement Volume, TAXONOMIC CODE, SPECIES IDENTIFICATION - SEX and species abundance tows data collected in the Gulf of Alaska and North Pacific Ocean on the CHARTER/FISHING BOATS cruises GP0401-01 and GP0401-02 as part of the NEP project from 2004-10-19 to 2004-11-08 (NODC Accession 0115259)
  • Lake Michigan spawn rainbowsmlt gsa
  • Lake Michigan spawn brooktrt gsa

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    Fisheries Nursery Areas, Juvenile Fishes, Nurseries, Post-larval Development

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    CGIA: Fisheries nursery areas
    2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CGIA: Fisheries Nursery Areas
    1996 CGIANorth Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link