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  • My Municipal Government Services for Canada (10.2)
  • Planning and Zoning - Governed Municipalities
  • Annexation History

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  • Region 10 Toxic Release Inventory-Release to Land
  • Municipal & Non-Governmental Organization Conservation Lands; LocCons11
  • Storm Water Infrastrucure in Morris County, NJ NJ.STORM_WATER

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    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    National Atlas: Map Reference DataDates Vary National AtlasUnited States Varies Metadata Link
    Municipal Boundaries2008 NC OneMap - 3/30/2009North Carolina varies - see metadata Metadata Link
    Raleigh Miscellaneous City Data2007 Raleigh CityRaleigh, North Carolina NULL Metadata Link
    Municipal Boundaries2006 NC OneMap - 3/25/2008North Carolina varies - see metadata Metadata Link
    County Population (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    Divisions and Counties (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    Municipal Population (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    Canada Municipalities2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    Canada Regional Municipalities2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    Small Cities, Towns and Villages (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Europe 1:100000 Metadata Link
    Town Districts (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Europe 1:100000 Metadata Link
    U.S. Recreation Areas2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006United States, Puerto Rico 1:100,000 Metadata Link
    Admin Areas (Municipios) (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Mexico 1:400,000 Metadata Link
    Mexico Municipalities2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Mexico 1:400,000 Metadata Link
    Administrative Boundaries (layer)2006 ESRI® Data & Maps 2006Mexico 1:400,000 Metadata Link
    Municipal Boundaries 20042005 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina  Metadata Link
    CGIA: Municipal boundaries (2002)2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina varies Metadata Link
    NTAD: Metropolitan Planning Organization2004 National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD) 2004United States, Puerto Rico  Metadata Link
    ESRI: Canada Middle Cities2004 ESRI® Data & Maps 2004Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link
    ESRI: Canada Municipalities2004 ESRI® Data & Maps 2004Canada 1:50,000 Metadata Link