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  • NC OneMap Environment - Map Service
  • USGS Stream Gauges

  • \"ArcGIS41 Results beginning with...
  • USGS Gaging stations in Carson River Basin
  • USGS Gaging stations in Walker River Basin
  • Water_Bodies_Hydrography_Points

  • \"\"87 Results beginning with...
  • USGS Groundwater Data for the Nation - National Water Information System (NWIS)
  • USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Downloadable Data Collection - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
  • Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Off-Project Water Program Sub-basin Analysis Flow Statistics

  • \"WeoGeo0 Results
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       Other Data Sources, incl. Commercial and International: NSGIC GIS Inventory  |  CIESIN World Data Center

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    Air Pollution, Air Quality, Basins Of Focus, Buoys, Coasts, Monitoring Sites And Stations, Monitoring Stations, National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA), Nutrients (Water Quality), Oceans, Periodic Water Quality Samples, Sample Points, Samples, Sample Sites, Sampling, Streamflow, Stream Gages, Stream Gaging Stations, Tides, Tide Stations, Trace Elements, United States Geological Survey (USGS), Water Monitoring, Water Quality

    TitleDateSorted in Descending OrderCollectionExtentScaleMD
    CGIA: USGS stream gage2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina varies Metadata Link
    CGIA: USGS APNEP sampling2004 BasinPro 8North Carolina unspecified Metadata Link
    USGS Stream Gaging Stations2004 NC OneMap - 3/12/2007North Carolina 1:24000 Metadata Link
    CMAP: Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNet) Monitoring Stations2000 C-MAPConterminous United States 1:1,000,000 Metadata Link
    CMAP: NAWQA Surface Water Trace Elements Data1999 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program, Trace Elements Sampling Sites1999 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: NAWQA Surface Water Nutrients Data1999 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CA&DS Framework: River Gauge Stations1999 Sub-United States 1:2,000,000  
    CMAP: National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program, Trace Elements Sampling Sites1999 C-MAPConterminous United States 1:2,000,000 Metadata Link
    EPA BASINS: STORET Stream Flow Data from Gaging Stations in CONUS1998 EPA BASINSConterminous United States 1:100,000 Metadata Link
    OPIS: NDBC Data Buoys1998 Ocean GISSub-United States 1:2,000,000 Metadata Link
    OPIS: NOAA/NOS Tide Stations1998 Ocean GISSub-United States 1:2,000,000 Metadata Link
    CMAP: Hydrologic Benchmarks Network (HBN) Monitoring Stations1995 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: HBN Data Trends1995 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: HBN Yearly Data1995 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: NAWQA Retrospective Database for Surface Water Nutrients: Monitoring Locations1990 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CMAP: NAWQA Retrospective Surface Water Nutrients Data1990 C-MAPConterminous United States  Metadata Link
    CGIA: Stream Gaging Stations1990 CGIANorth Carolina 1:24,000 Metadata Link
    CMAP: National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program, Study-unit Boundaries1990 C-MAPConterminous United States 1:2,000,000 Metadata Link