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BasinPro 8

The following is an alphabetical list of data layers available from the BasinPro 8 data collection. Click the data title links for details about each data layer.

Click here to see the list sorted categorically

CGIA: 14 digit hydrologic units (2004)
CGIA: Active railroads (2004)
CGIA: Airports (2004)
CGIA: Ambient water quality monitoring sites (2004)
CGIA: Anadromous fish spawning areas (2004)
CGIA: APNEP citizens water quality monitoring sites (2004)
CGIA: APNEP region (2004)
CGIA: Beach access sites (2004)
CGIA: Benthos monitoring sites (2004)
CGIA: Census block groups 1990 (2004)
CGIA: Census block groups 2000 (2004)
CGIA: Census block groups 2000 Summary File 3 (2004)
CGIA: Census blocks 2000 (2004)
CGIA: Census places (2004)
CGIA: Census tracts 2000 (2004)
CGIA: Closed shellfish harvesting areas (2004)
CGIA: Community colleges (2004)
CGIA: Conditionally approved shellfish areas (2004)
CGIA: Conservation Tax Credit Properties (2004)
CGIA: Counties_with_shoreline (2004)
CGIA: County Boundaries (2004)
CGIA: CWMTF land acquisition projects (2004)
CGIA: CWMTF projects (2004)
CGIA: Dams (2004)
CGIA: Discharger Coalitions monitoring sites (2004)
CGIA: Federally owned land (2004)
CGIA: FEMA flood zones (2004)
CGIA: FEMA flood zones (2004)
CGIA: Fish sampling community sites (2004)
CGIA: Fisheries nursery areas (2004)
CGIA: Geodetic Survey control points (2004)
CGIA: Hazardous substance disposal site (2004)
CGIA: Hospitals (2004)
CGIA: HQW and ORW watersheds (2004)
CGIA: Hurricane storm surge fast (2004)
CGIA: Hurricane storm surge slow (2004)
CGIA: Hydrology-Lines by River Basin (2004)
CGIA: Hydrology-Polygons by River Basin (2004)
CGIA: Inactive railroads (2004)
CGIA: Interstate highways (2004)
CGIA: Land application sites (2004)
CGIA: Land Use/Land Cover, Clipped by County (2004)
CGIA: Lands managed for conservation and open space (2004)
CGIA: Lands managed for conservation and open space, points (2004)
CGIA: Libraries (2004)
CGIA: Locations of swine lagoons (2004)
CGIA: Major hydrography (2004)
CGIA: Municipal boundaries (2002) (2004)
CGIA: Municipal discharge points (2004)
CGIA: Municipal sewer treatment plants (2004)
CGIA: Municipal water treatment plants (2004)
CGIA: Municipal wells (2004)
CGIA: Natural Heritage element occurrences (Authorized Use) (2004)
CGIA: Natural Heritage Managed Areas (2004)
CGIA: NC flood hazard areas (2004)
CGIA: NC House Districts, 2002 (2004)
CGIA: NC Senate Districts (2002) (2004)
CGIA: Non-public schools (2004)
CGIA: NPDES dischargers (2004)
CGIA: Paddling Trails (2004)
CGIA: Primary roads (2004)
CGIA: Priority wetland subbasins (2004)
CGIA: Private colleges and universities (2004)
CGIA: Public Schools (2004)
CGIA: Public trout waters (2004)
CGIA: Public universities (2004)
CGIA: Public universities, points (2004)
CGIA: Public Water Supply Wells (2004)
CGIA: River basins (2004)
CGIA: Section 319 projects (2004)
CGIA: Sewer pipes (2004)
CGIA: Sewer pumps (2004)
CGIA: Sewer service type A (2004)
CGIA: Sewer service type B (2004)
CGIA: Shoreline (2004)
CGIA: Significant aquatic endangered species habitat (2004)
CGIA: Significant Natural Heritage areas (Authorized Use) (2004)
CGIA: State owned complexes (2004)
CGIA: Subbasins (2004)
CGIA: Surface water intakes (2004)
CGIA: Tables to be linked to LMCOS shapefile (2004)
CGIA: Townships 2000 (2004)
CGIA: US Congressional Districts (2004)
CGIA: USGS 1:100,000 scale tiles (2004)
CGIA: USGS 1:24,000 scale quadrangles (2004)
CGIA: USGS APNEP sampling (2004)
CGIA: USGS quarter quadrangle grid (2004)
CGIA: USGS stream gage (2004)
CGIA: VA counties (2004)
CGIA: Water pipes (2004)
CGIA: Water pumps (2004)
CGIA: Water service type A (2004)
CGIA: Water service type B (2004)
CGIA: Water supply Watersheds (2004)
CGIA: Water tanks (2004)
CGIA: Waterbodies (2004)
CGIA: Wetland Restoration Program: Targeted local watersheds (2004)
CGIA: Wetlands-CREWS by River Basin (2004)
CGIA: Wetlands-General by River Basin (2004)
CGIA: Wetlands-Restoration Sites by River Basin (2004)
CGIA: WRC Gamelands (2004)