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NCSU Campus TIN overlaid with street centerlines
Campus TIN (See Data Record) overlaid with street centerlines from Wake County GIS.


NCSU Libraries maintains an archive of NCSU Campus GIS data, which, when combined with GIS data from Wake County and the City of Raleigh, forms a comprehensive collection of geospatial data for the west Raleigh campus area. In many cases, the coverage extent includes outlying areas such as Schenck Forest, the Veterinary Medicine campus section, Centennial Campus, and the Lake Wheeler Research Farm.

The following links will show a list of our campus data holdings:

Data Sources

Wake County and Raleigh GIS Departments maintain many data layers for campus. Go Here for a list of all of NCSU Libraries' Wake County data holdings. Go Here for information about NCSU Libraries' Raleigh data holdings.

Other contributors to NCSU Campus data include the following:

Explore Campus Online

Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth offer excellent means for exploring campus.

NCSU Main Campus in Google Earth
NCSU Main Campus in Google Earth, looking South West. 3D buildings created and submitted to the Google 3D Warehouse by NCSU students are available in Google Earth.

DH Hill in Microsoft Virtual Earth
DH Hill Library in MS Virtual Earth, looking East, prior to the Atrium/Brickyard reconstruction. This view is using the Bird's Eye (oblique) imagery. Click the image to connect directly to Virtual Earth. 3D buildings of major cities are also an option in Virtual Earth.

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