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GIS Computer Hardware in the Libraries

GIS workstation in the Reference area

NCSU Libraries has two workstations devoted to geospatial and numeric data services. The workstations have a full suite of ESRI and other necessary software installed. Although both workstations are intended to have the same setup, the configurations and software installations do gradually change over time until they are re-imaged.

Link List of software installed on the workstations

Both workstations are located in the Learning Commons on the first floor. You must ask staff at the Ask Us center to log you in.

Each workstation has 64bit processors, Windows 7 operating system, DVD-RW/CD-RW drives, and one has an internal card reader that is compatible with the various data card sizes. Patrons have "user" access to the computers, which gives you write access to the hard drive, but you cannot install or modify software. You should make back-up copies of important data. Access to your "unity" filespace is available via ExpanDrive or WinSCP.

These computers are not directly connected to a printer network. To print, save your document as a PDF, and then you can upload the pdf to WolfPrint to print it in the Learning Commons (see more details).

Large format plotting of maps or other documents is available in the Learning Commons.

If you have questions, trouble, or need any additional software or extensions installed, please contact Data Services.

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