60CSx Data Transfer and Enabling Software

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The following pertains only to the Garmin 60CSx handheld GPS units.

Trip and Waypoint Manager

The Trip and Waypoint Manager install CD is furnished with the GPS unit checkout. This software application may be installed and used wherever needed to retrieve your GPS data from the unit to your desktop. This process is the same as described in the "Retrieve Data from the GPS" section below.

Before connecting the GPS unit to your computer with the USB cable, be sure to install the Trip and Waypoint Manager so that the necessary software drivers will be available.

MapSource TOPO US

MapSource TOPO US data may be uploaded to your GPS unit to provide additional and detailed basemap content. To do this, you must use the GIS Workstations in the Learning Commons and the MapSource CDs available from the GIS CD cabinet. You'll have to ask a reference librarian to retrieve the CDs and log you into a GIS workstation. The MapSource interface is the same as Trip and Waypoint Manager described above.

Visit the MapSource TOPO US website for data information, coverage area, screenshots, and other information. The Libraries owns MapSource 2008 - See Catalog Record.

The MapSource Users Guide for the MapSource software is available online as a PDF.

MapSource interface

Selecting Data to transfer from MapSource software:

  1. Insert the MapSource data CD that you'll need into the workstation
  2. From the Start menu, open Garmin -> MapSource.
  3. Zoom and pan close to the area for which you want data.
  4. Click the Map Tool Button Map Tool Button in the Toolbar. As you move the mouse over the map and notice that each map region becomes outlined in yellow. the name and size of the map region appears in the status bar.
  5. Click a map region to select it. To select several map regions at once, click and drag the mouse over the areas you want to select. Selected map regions are shaded pink.
  6. You can manage your map selections with the Maps tab on the left. Right click on a map record for various options (example below).
    Maps Tab
  7. The microSD cards in each GPS unit hold 64MB of data. Use the Size column listing to track how much data you have selected to add.
  8. More tips on easily selecting regions along routes or around waypoints are in the MapSource Users Guide.

Transfer MapSource Data to/from the GPS:

NOTE: Each time you transfer maps to a data card, you completely erase all data currently stored on the card and replace it with new data. However, if you store maps on a data card and you transfer waypoints, routes, or tracks, you will not erase the maps on the card.

Sending Data to the GPS
  1. Connect the GPS to the workstation using the GPS cable.
  2. Turn on the GPS unit.
  3. With data selected in the MapSource software (instructions above), click the Send To Device button Send To Device Button.
  4. The name of your GPS unit will appear automatically in the Device menu. If not, click Find Device.
  5. Under What to Send, check the boxes next to each type of data you want to send.
  6. Click Send. MapSource will send data to the GPS unit.
Retrieving Data from the GPS
  1. Connect the GPS to the workstation using the GPS cable.
  2. Turn on the GPS unit.
  3. With the MapSource software open (instructions above), click the Receive From Device button Receive From Device Button.
  4. Under What to Recieve, check the boxes next to each type of data you want to receive.
  5. Click Receive. MapSource will receive data from the GPS unit. The data appears in the correct tab on the left side of the window.
  6. Use File -> Save As... to save your data to disk in one of the Garmin formats. If you save as GPS eXchange format (gpx), the DNRGarmin application can be used to convert your data to shapefile, kml, txt, geodatabase, or a graphic.

DNR Garmin

DNR Garmin interface

Another software application from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, called DNR Garmin, is useful for converting data among shapefiles (shp), database files (dbf), text (txt), Google Earth (kml), and Garmin GPS eXchange (gpx) formats. The software also provides numerous data transfer and editing options, and projection conversions.

Go here for documentation and download of DNR Garmin. DNR Garmin is already installed on the GIS workstations in the Learning Commons.


There are other software options listed below. These have not been as fully tested, and may have limitations.

  • AV Garmin - For use with ArcView 3.x

  • GPS Toolbar - ArcMap Toolbar installed with ArcMap. Requires a serial port connection; doesn't support USB.

  • GPSi Toolbar - Another ArcMap Toolbar that works only with a serial port connection.

  • GPS Utility - Converts an impressive number of various spatial data formats. Shareware; free version limits number of records processed.

  • Waypoint+ - Older application.

  • GPS Visualizer - Use this online tool for converting GPS data, or other lat/long coordinates, to KML format for Google Earth