ESRI Software and Services

NCSU has a campus site license for many ESRI products and online services. The most commonly used products on campus may be downloaded from OIT's Software Download website. However, some lesser used and recently released products may not be provided there, but are instead available from the Libraries' geodata server.

Note: All downloads require authenticating using your NCSU UNITY ID. If you are not a current NCSU faculty, staff, or student, please do not ask for access to these files.

As of March 2018, here is a list of ESRI products avalable for NCSU campus:

ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1 and 10.6

OIT Software Download or Libraries Download Folder

Installation instructions and license server path are the same as with previous 10.x versions. You may install Desktop on university or personal computers, but to use it off campus will require connecting through the VPN.

ArcGIS Pro 2.1

Libraries Download Folder. For usage instructions, see the ArcGIS Pro webpage. Requires an ArcGIS Online account (see below) that has been licensed for ArcGIS Pro.

CityEngine 2017.1

Libraries Download Folder. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are provided.

Business Analyst Desktop 2017

Download Folder

This is a very large software app to download and install -- approx. 60 GB. In addition, disk space is needed for the zip files you download and for decompressing these files prior to installation. You will need to contact Data Services for licensing. Unless you specifically need to use the desktop version of Business Analyst, it is recommended to use Business Analyst Online (BAO) instead, which requires an ArcGIS Online account (see below) with BAO activated.

The Business Analyst Desktop extension and 2016 updated data have been installed on one of the D.H. Hill Learning Commons GIS and Data Visualization workstations.  2017 will be installed when time permits or upon request.

Streets Data included separately with Business Analyst may be used for off-line geocoding a large quantity of addresses in ArcGIS Desktop, and is available in the /2016/StreetsForGeocoding folder. This dataset is only to be used for classroom, educational, and non-commercial research purposes.

Other Software

Numerous other ESRI products are available upon request. These include Server, Aviation, Maritime, Defense, Production Mapping, and Roads and Highways. Unfortunately, Drone2Map has third-party royalty requirements so is not provided as part of our site license, but a single-seat license may be purchased. Contact Data Services with any requests and questions.

ArcGIS Online

An ArcGIS Online account may be created by either contacting Data Services or OIT. This will enable you to access NCSU's AGO Organizational Account. You will also need an AGO account for using ArcGIS Pro, Business Analyst Online, or Community Analyst.

ESRI E-Learning

Formerly known as "Virtual Campus." See Esri E-Learning webpage.