UA 135.041 Guide to the North Carolina State University, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Statistics Records, 1940-1994

The records of the Institute of Statistics in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences are arranged in two series: General Records and Publications. Materials in the General Records series are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within; materials in the Publication series are arranged in three subseries according to the publication group each is a part of. A third series exists for materials that have not yet received full archival processing.
Portions of this collection have been digitized and made available online.
The entire collection, including materials not available online, may be viewed in the Special Collections reading room in D.H. Hill Library.
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The General Records series in the Institute of Statistics records contains meeting minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other general information regarding the administration and general activities of the Institute. Scrapbooks contain a variety of format types, some documenting activities of Statistics faculty, including clippings, fliers, schedules of meetings and events, and other miscellaneous items. Also included in the scrapbooks are an assortment of non-Statistics items, including clippings about various NC State happenings, photographs, and other ephemera of various origin and content. Materials range in date from 1948 to 1971.
[Box 4, Folder 1] Administrative Board, 1952-1953
[Box 4, Folder 2] Administrative Board meeting minutes, 1954-1955
[Box 4, Folder 3] Administrative Board, Research Committee meeting minutes and correspondence, 1955-1959
[Box 4, Folder 4] Administrative Board meeting minutes, project proposals, 1956-1957
[Box 4, Folder 5] Administrative Board meeting minutes and project proposals, 1957-1958
[Box 4, Folder 6] Administrative Board meeting minutes, project proposals, 1958-1959
[Box 4, Folder 7] Administrative Board meeting minutes, project proposals, 1959-1960
[Box 4, Folder 8] Administrative Board meeting minutes, project proposals, 1960-1961
[Box 4, Folder 9] Administrative Board, 1961-1965
[Box 4, Folder 10] Analysis of Systematice Soil Samples, undated
[Box 12, Folder 1] Annual Report, 1976-1977
[Box 12, Folder 2] Annual Report, 1977-1978
[Box 5, Folder 1] Biotechnology Resources Grant (RR-00011-09) progress report, Jul. 1971
[Box 5, Folder 2] Biological Research Projects and Projects with Biological Implications, Oct. 1962
[Box 5, Folder 3] Industrial Statistics Short Course, 1956
[Box 5, Folder 4] Organization of the Institute of Statistics, 1955
[Box 1, Folder 1] Scrapbook, 1948
[Box 1, Folder 2] Scrapbook, 1957
[Box 1, Folder 3] Scrapbook, 1964
[Box 2, Folder 1] Scrapbook, 1965
[Box 2, Folder 2] Scrapbook, 1966
[Box 2, Folder 3] Scrapbook, 1967
[Box 3, Folder 1] Scrapbook, 1968
[Box 3, Folder 2] Scrapbook, 1969
[Box 5, Folder 5] Special Achievements by the Institute of Statistics, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 6] Statistical Methods for Research Workers in Industry and the Physical Sciences, Jan. 1955
The Publications series contains materials produced or reprinted by the Institute of Statistics on a variety of statistical topics. Materials are arranged in three subseries, including two subseries for runs of reprints published by the Institute (arranged sequentially by reprint number), and a subseries for general Institute publications. Materials range in date from 1940 to 1994.
General, 1940-1967 (Subseries 2.1)
[Box 11, Folder 5] Informational brochure, 1940-1948
[Box 11, Folder 6] A Record of Research: Volume I, 1948-1951
[Box 11, Folder 7] A Record of Research: Volume II, 1951-1953
[Box 11, Folder 8] A Record of Research: Volume III, 1953-1955
[Box 11, Folder 9] A Record of Research: Volume IV, 1955-1957
[Box 11, Folder 10] A Record of Research: Volume V, 1957-1959
[Box 11, Folder 11] A Record of Research: Volume VI, 1959-1961
[Box 11, Folder 12] A Record of Research: Volume VII, 1961-1963
[Box 11, Folder 13] A Record of Research: Volume VIII, 1963-1965
[Box 11, Folder 14] A Record of Research: Volume IX, 1965-1967
[Box 11, Folder 15] What Statistics Means to Research, 1956
Institute of Statistics Mimeograph Series, 1980-1994 (Subseries 2.2)
[Box 11, Folder 2] (No. 1269) Biomathematics Series No. 2: Systems Concepts in Agriculture, 1980
[Box 11, Folder 3] (No. 1336) Biomathematics Series No. 6: Biosystems Modeling, 1981
[Box 11, Folder 4] (No. 1939) Errata for A NU Test for Serial Correlation of Regression Models, Jan. 1994
Institute of Statistics Reprint Series, 1951-1979 (Subseries 2.3)
[Box 5, Folder 7] (No. 3) Consistency of Estimates of Variance Components, by R. E. Comstock, H. F. Robinson, Mar. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 8] (No. 5) Methodology in the Study of Physical Measurements of School Children (Part I), by B. G. Greenberg, A. Hughes Bryan, May 1951
[Box 5, Folder 9] (No. 6) Genotypic and Phenotypic Correlations in Corn and their Implications in Selection, by H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, P. H. Harvey, Jun. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 10] (No. 7) Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with Two Associate Classes Involving Only Two Replications, by R. C. Rose, Apr. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 11] (No. 8) Relationships Among Characters Observed in Urea Clearance Tests, by H. Fairfield Smith, Jun. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 12] (No. 9) Designs for Two-way Elimination of Heterogeneity, by S. S. Shirkhande, Jun. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 13] (No. 10) Bias in Estimation of Error in Change-over Trials with Dairy Cattle, by H. L. Lucas, 1951
[Box 5, Folder 14] (No. 11) A Stochasitc Approximation Method, by Herbert Robbins, Sutton Monro, Sept. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 15] (No. 12) Extremal Properties of Extreme Value Distributions, by Sigeiti Moriguti, Dec. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 16] (No. 13) Minimum Variance Estimation Without Regularity Assumptions, by Douglas G. Chapman, Herbert Robbins, Dec. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 17] (No. 14) A Combined Central Limit Theorem, by Wassily Hoeffding, Dec. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 18] (No. 15) The Jacobians of Certain Matrix Transformations Useful in Multivariate Analysis, by Walter L. Deemer, Ingram Olkin, Dec. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 19] (No. 16) Some Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Sampling Cotton for Fiber Determinations, by J. A. Rigney, W. L. Nelson, Nov. 1951
[Box 5, Folder 20] (No. 18) The Large-Sample Power of Tests Based on Permutations of Observations, by Hoeffding, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 21] (No. 18a) A Lower Bound for a Probability Moment of any Absolutely Continuous Distribution with Finite Variance, by Moriguti, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 22] (No. 19) Methodology in the Study of Physical Measurements of School Children Part II, by Bryan and Greenberg, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 23] (No. 20) Classification and Analysis of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with Two Associate Classes, by Bose and Shimamoto, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 24] (No. 21) Research Notes on a Property of Bayes Solutions in the Neyman-Pearson Set-up, by Roy, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 25] (No. 23) Algebraic Relationships Between Digestion Coefficients Determined by the Conventional Method and by Indicator Methods, by Lucas, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 26] (No. 24) Use of Continued Fractions in High Speed Computing, by Teichroew, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 27] (No. 25) Combinational Properties of Group Divisible Incomplete Block Designs, by Bose and Connor, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 28] (No. 26) Some Aspects of the Sequential Design of Experiments, by Robbins, 1952
[Box 5, Folder 29] (No. 33) A Note on Rectangular Lattices, by Nair, 1953
[Box 5, Folder 30] (No. 34) The Use of Analysis of Covariance and Balancing in Analytical Surveys, by Greenberg, 1953
[Box 5, Folder 31] (No. 35) Dominance of Genes Controlling Quantitative Characters in Maize, by Gardner, Harvey, Comstock, Robinson, 1953
[Box 5, Folder 32] (No. 36) Design and Analysis of Triangular Singly Linked Blocks, by Nair, 1953
[Box 5, Folder 33] (No. 37) On the Construction of Group Divisible Incomplete Block Designs, by Bose, Shirkhande, Bhattacharya, 1957
[Box 5, Folder 34] (No. 38) On a Heuristic Method of Test Construction and its use in Multivariate Analysis, by S. N. Roy, Jun. 1953
[Box 5, Folder 35] (No. 39) The Analysis of Variation in a Natural Population of Lady Beetles, by Frank M. Sturtevant, Jr., Lyle D. Calvin, Orlando Park, Jun. 1953
[Box 5, Folder 36] (No. 40) A Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Health Education Literature, by B. G. Greenberg, Mary Ellen Harris, C. Frances Mackinnon, Sidney S. Chipman, Sept. 1953
[Box 5, Folder 37] (No. 41) Proper Planning Reduces Research Errors, by R. L. Anderson, Nov. 1953
[Box 5, Folder 38] (No. 42) The Design, Conduct and Interpretation of Grazing Trials on Cultivated and Improved Pastures, by G. O. Mott, H. L. Lucas, undated
[Box 6, Folder 1] (No. 43) Simultaneous Confidence Interval Estimation, by Roy, Bose, 1953
[Box 6, Folder 2] (No. 44) A Sampling Investigation of the Efficiency of Weighting Inversely as the Estimated Variance, by Cochran, Carroll, 1953
[Box 6, Folder 3] (No. 45) The Analysis of Errors in Assaying Fecal Androgens in the Dairy Cow, by A. Grandage, R. B. Casady, H. L. Lucas, Jan. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 4] (No. 46) Recent Advances in Finding Best Operating Conditions, by R. L. Anderson, Dec. 1953
[Box 6, Folder 5] (No. 49) Doubly Balanced Incomplete Block Designs for Experiments in which the Treatment Effects are Correlated, by Lyle D. Calvin, Mar. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 6] (No. 50) Tables of Partially Balanced Designs with Two Associate Classes, by R. C. Bose, W. H. Clatworthy, S. S. Shrikhande, Aug. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 7] (No. 51) On Multivariate Distribution Theory, by I. Olkin, S. N. Roy, Jun. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 8] (No. 52) A Confidence Region for the Solution of a Set of Simultaneous Equations with an Application to Experimental Design, by G. E. P. Box, J. S. Hunter, Jun. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 9] (No. 53) A Useful Theorom in Matrix Theory, by S. N. Roy, Aug. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 10] (No. 54) A Comparison of Stratified Two-Stage Sampling Systems, by A. R. Sen, R. L. Anderson, A. L. Finkner, Sept. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 11] (No. 55) On the Distribution of the Ration of the i th Observation in an Ordered Sample from a Normal Population to an Independent Estimate of the Standard Deviation, by K. C. S. Pillai, D. V. Ramachandran, Sept. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 12] (No. 56) Genetic Parameters, Their Estimation and Significance, by R. E. Comstock, H. F. Robinson, undated
[Box 6, Folder 13] (No. 57) Relation Between Heterozygosis and Performance in Maize, by J. C. Sentz, H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, Nov. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 14] (No. 58) Some Further Results in Simultaneous Confidence Interval Estimation, by S. N. Roy, Dec. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 15] (No. 59) An Analysis of Quantitative Variability in Nicotiana Tabacum, by H. F. Robinson, T. J. Mann, R. E. Comstock, Dec. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 16] (No. 60) Optimum Size of Sample for Hand Separation of Forage Crop Mixture into their Component Species in Small Plot Experiments, by R. G. Petersen, D. S. Chamblee, Jan. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 17] (No. 61) An Extension of the Concept of Partitioning Hereditary Variance for Analysis of Covariances among Relatives when Epistasis is Present, by C. Clark Cockerham, Nov. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 18] (No. 62) Some Problems of Optimum Sampling, by Paul N. Somerville, Dec. 1954
[Box 6, Folder 19] (No. 63) Genetic Variances in Open Polinated Varieties of Corn, by H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, P. H. Harvey, Jan. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 20] (No. 64) Further Contributions to the Theory of Paired Comparisons, by M. G. Kendall, Mar. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 21] (No. 65) Estimation of the Parameters of a Skewed Distribution by Linear Systematic Statistics, by A. E. Sarhan, Mar. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 22] (No. 66) The Effects of Various Levels of Sodium Citrate Glycerol, and Equilibration Time on Survival of Bovine Spermatozoa after Storage -79 [degrees] C, by R. G. Cragle, R. M. Myers, R. K. Waugh, J. S. Hunter, R. L. Anderson, May 1955
[Box 6, Folder 23] (No. 67) The Efficiency of Tests, by Wassily Hoeffding, Joan Rosenblatt, Mar. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 24] (No. 68) On the Distribution of the Sample Median, by John T. Chu, Mar. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 25] (No. 70) Analysis of Confounded Factorial Experiments in Single Replications, by F. E. Binet, R. T. Leslie, S. Weiner, R. L. Anderson, Oct. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 26] (No. 71) The Extrema of the Expected Value of a Function of Independent Random Variables, by Wassily Hoeffding, Jun. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 27] (No. 72) Estimates of Genetic and Environmental Variability in Soybeans, by Herbert W. Johnson, H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, Jul. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 28] (No. 73) Estimation of the Mean and Standard Deviation by Order Statistics, by A. E. Sarhan, Sept. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 29] (No. 76) Non-Allelic Gene Interactions and the Interpretation of Quantitative Genetic Data, by T. W. Horner, R. E. Comstock, H. F. Robinsion, Dec. 1955
[Box 6, Folder 30] (No. 78) Effect of Raw-Material Ratios on Absorption of Whiteware Compositions, by W. C. Hackler, W. W. Kriegel, R. J. Hader, Jan. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 31] (No. 82) Adjustment by Covariance and Consequent Tests of Signifance in Split-Plot Experiment, by Jeanne Titus Tuitt, H. Fairfield Smith, Mar. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 32] (No. 83) Dominance versus Over-dominance in Heterosis: Evidence from Crosses Between Open-pollinated Varieties of Maize, by H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, A. Khalil, P. H. Harvey, Mar. - Apr. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 33] (No. 84) Sample Size Necessary to Estimate Size and Quality of Fruit, Growth of Trees, and Per Cent Fruit Set of Apples and Peaches, by E. F. Schultz, Jr., G. W. Schneider, 1955
[Box 6, Folder 34] (No. 85) Problems of Experimental Inference with Special Reference to Multiple Location Experiments with Perennial Crops, by R. J. Monroe, D. D. Mason, 1955
[Box 6, Folder 35] (No. 86) Optimum Allocation of Experimental Material with an Illustrative Example in Estimating Fruit Quality, by E. R. Schultz, Jr., 1955
[Box 6, Folder 36] (No. 87) Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters by Order Statistics from Singly and Doubly Censored Samples, by A. E. Sarhan, B. G. Greenberg, Jun. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 37] (No. 88) Prediction Equations for Rotational Crossbreeding, by J. L. Carmon, H. A. Stewart, C. C. Cockerham, R. E. Comstock, Aug. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 38] (No. 89) On Inverting a Class of Patterned Matrices, by S. N. Roy, A. E. Sarhan, Jun. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 39] (No. 90) The Distribution of Excreta by Freely Growing Cattle and it's Effect on Pasture Fertility: I. Excretal Distribution, II. Effect of Returned Excreta on the Residual Concentration of Some Fertilizer Elements, by R. G. Petersen, H. L. Lucas, W. W. Woodhouse, Jr., 1956
[Box 6, Folder 40] (No. 91) Simplified Analysis of Singly Linked Blocks, by K. R. Nair, Dec. 1956
[Box 6, Folder 41] (No. 92) Some Results Useful in Multivariate Analysis, by K. C. S. Pillai, 1956
[Box 7, Folder 1] (No. 93) Theory of Quantitative Genetics: Synthesis, by R. E. Comstock, 1955
[Box 7, Folder 2] (No. 94) Response to Selection for Yield in Cotton, by H. L. Manning, 1955
[Box 7, Folder 3] (No. 95) Analysis of Genetic Variability in Corn with Reference to Probable Effects of Selection, by H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, 1955
[Box 7, Folder 4] (No. 96) An Investigation of Some of the Relationships Between Copper, Iron and Molybdenum in the Growth and Nutrition of Lettuce: Parts I and II, by R. J. Hader, et. al., 1957
[Box 7, Folder 5] (No. 97) A Note on the Theory of Quick Tests, by D. R. Cox, 1956
[Box 7, Folder 6] (No. 99) Statistical Frontiers, by Gertrude M. Cox, Mar. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 7] (No. 100) Sampling Soils for Composition Studies, by J. A. Rigney, 1956
[Box 7, Folder 8] (No. 101) Extra-Period Latin-Square Change-Over Design, by H. L. Lucas, 1957
[Box 7, Folder 9] (No. 102) A Note on Truncation and Sufficient Statistics, by Walter L. Smith, Mar. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 10] (No. 103) Missing Plot Estimates, by H. Fairfield Smith, 1957
[Box 7, Folder 11] (No. 104) Tables for Best Linear Estimates by Order Statistics of the Parameters of Single Exponential Distributions from Singly and Doubly Censored Samples, by A. E. Sarhan, B. G. Greenberg, 1957
[Box 7, Folder 12] (No. 105) Multiple Range Tests for Correlated and Heteroscedastic Means, by David B. Duncan, Jun. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 13] (No. 107) Interpretations of Adjusted Treatment Means and Regressions in Analysis of Covariance, by H. Fairfield Smith, Sept. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 14] (No. 108) Statistical Problems of Joint Research, by David D. Mason, May 1957
[Box 7, Folder 15] (No. 109) Hydraulic Conductivity as Related to Certain Soil Properties in a Number of Great Soil Groups - Sampling Errors Involved, by D. D. Mason, J. F. Lutz, R. G. Peterson, Sept. - Oct. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 16] (No. 110) An Analysis of Quantitative Gene Action, by C. Clark Cockerham, 1956
[Box 7, Folder 17] (No. 111) Inter-Population Hybrids in Open-Pollinated Varieties of Maize, by Edward Pollak, H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, Nov. - Dec. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 18] (No. 112) The Distributions of Red Blood Cells in the Hemacytometer, by Malcom E. Turner, G. S. Eadie, Dec. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 19] (No. 113) Further Contributions to Multivariate Confidence Bounds, by S. N. Roy, R. Gnanadesikan, Dec. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 20] (No. 114) Estimation of Parameters from Incomplete Multivariate Samples, by George E. Nicholson, Jr., Dec. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 21] (No. 115) Precision of Estimates of Variance Components, by Therese Kelleher, H. F. Robinsion, R. E. Comstock, Mar. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 22] (No. 116) A Multivariate Analysis of Covariance, by H. Fairfield Smith, Mar. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 23] (No. 117) Generalized Genetic Variance and Covariance Formulae for Self-Fertilized Crops Assuming Linkage, by C. E. Gates, R. E. Comstock, H. F. Robinson, Nov. 1957
[Box 7, Folder 24] (No. 118) Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters by Order Statistics from Singly and Doubly Censored Samples - Part II. Tables for the Normal Distribution for Samples of Size 11 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] 15, by A. E. Sarhan, B. G. Greenberg, Mar. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 25] (No. 119) Efficient Estimation of the Relationship Between Plot Size and the Variability of Crop Yields, by W. H. Hatheway, E. J. Williams, Jun. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 26] (No. 120) Tests of Multiple Independence and the Associated Confidence Bounds, by S. N. Roy, R. E. Bargmann, Jun. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 27] (No. 121) Measurement Errors Associated with Obtaining Acreage Estimates of Cotton Fields, by Jack Fleischer, Daniel G. Horvitz, J. Malcolm Airth, A. L. Finkner, Sept. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 28] (No. 122) Simultaneous Regression Equations in Experimentation, by E. J. Williams, Jun. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 29] (No. 123) A Review of Methods for the Sampling of Timber, by R. G. Pearson, E. J. Williams, Sept. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 30] (No. 124) On a Periodic Property of Pseudo-Random Sequences, by Eve Bofinger, V. J. Bofinger, Jul. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 31] (No. 125) Design Tests for Mourning Dove Call-Count Sampling in Seven Southeastern States, by Leonard E. Foote, Harold S. Peters, Alva L. Finkner, Oct. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 32] (No. 126) Genotypic and Environmental Variances and Covariances in an Upland Cotton Cross Of Interspecific Origin, by H. A. Al-Jibouri, P. A. Miller, H. F. Robinson, 1958
[Box 7, Folder 33] (No. 127) Estimates of Genotypic and Environmental Variances and Covariances in Upland Cotton and their Implications in Selection, by P. A. Miller, J. C. Williams, Jr., H. F. Robinson, R. E. Comstock, 1958
[Box 7, Folder 34] (No. 128) Genetic Variances in Strawberries, by E. B. Morrow, R. E. Comstock, Therese Kelleher, 1958
[Box 7, Folder 35] (No. 129) Genetic Variation in an Asexual Species, the Garden Strawberry, by R. E. Comstock, Therese Kelleher, E. B. Morrow, Sept. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 36] (No. 130) Estimation of Parameters of Mixed Exponentially Distributed Failure Time Distributions from Censored Life Test Data, by William Mendenhall, R. J. Hader, Dec. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 37] (No. 131) A Bibliography on Life Testing and Related Topics, by William Mendenhall, Dec. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 38] (No. 132) Applications of Order Statistics to Health Data, by Bernard G. Greenberg, Ahmed E. Sarhan, Oct. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 39] (No. 133) Extra-Period Change-Over Designs, by H. D. Patterson, H. L. Lucas, Mar. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 40] (No. 134) Some Applications of Order Statistics, by Bernard G. Greenberg, Ahmed E. Sarhan, 1958
[Box 7, Folder 41] (No. 135) Joint Interpretation of Heterosis and Genetic Variances in two Open Pollinated Varieties of Corn and Their Cross, by H. F. Robinson, A. Khalil, R. E. Comstock, C. Clark Cockerham, Nov. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 42] (No. 136) Diallel Crosses of Maize in Experiments Repeated Over Locations and Years, by D. F. Matzinger, G. F. Spague, C. Clark Cockerham, Nov. 1958
[Box 7, Folder 43] (No. 137) Role of Epistasis and Overdominance in Stability of Equilibria with Selection, by Ken-Ichi Kojima, Jul. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 44] (No. 138) Stable Equilibria for the Optimum Model, by Ken-Ichi Kojima, Jul. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 45] (No. 139) Design of Experiments in Non-Linear Situations, by G. E. P. Box, H. L. Lucas, Jun. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 46] (No. 140) Some Recent Results in Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Tests, by G. S. Watson, Sept. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 47] (No. 141) Use of Contingency Tables in the Analysis of Consumer Preference Studies, by R. L. Anderson, Dec. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 48] (No. 142) The Goodness-of-Fit Test for Detecting Natural Selection in Random Mating Populations, by R. C. Lewontin, C. C. Cockerham, Dec. 1959
[Box 7, Folder 49] (No. 143) High Speed Selection Studies, by Frank G. Martin, Jr., C. Clark Cockerham, 1959
[Box 7, Folder 50] (No. 144) Genetic Variability in Flue Cured Varieties of Nicotiana tabacum - I. Hicks Broadleaf x Coker 139, by D. F. Matzinger, T. J. Mann, H. F. Robinson, 1960
[Box 7, Folder 51] (No. 145) Critical Features of Good Dairy Feeding Experiments, by H. L. Lucas
[Box 8, Folder 1] (No. 146) Third Order Rotatable Designs for Exploring Response Surfaces, by D. A. Gardiner, A. H. E. Grandage, R. J. Hader, Dec. 1959
[Box 8, Folder 2] (No. 147) Partitions of Hereditary Variance for Various Genetic Models, by C. Clark Cockerham, Nov. 1959
[Box 8, Folder 3] (No. 148) Genetic Variability in an Advanced Generation of a Cross of Two Open-Pollinated Varieties of Corn, by R. H. Moll, H. F. Robinson, C. Clark Cockerham, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 4] (No. 149) Some Remarks on the Design and Analysis of Factorial Experiments, R. L. Anderson, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 5] (No. 150) On Certain Types of Bias in Current Methods of Resoponse Surface Estimation, by H. R. Van Der Vaart, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 6] (No. 151) Uses of Variance Component Analysis in the Interpretation of Biological Experiments, by R. L. Anderson, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 7] (No. 152) Crown Length and Crown Ratio as Indicators of Diameter Growth of Loblolly Pine, by H. Fairfield Smith, David A. Dubrow, Jun. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 8] (No. 153) Calculation of Inbreeding in Family Selection Studies on the IBM 650 Data Processing Machine, by K. Hoen, A. H. E. Grandage, Jun. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 9] (No. 155) Analysis of Covariance for a 3x4 Triple Rectangular Lattice Design (3 Associate P. B. I. B.), by Bernard S. Pasternack, Mar. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 10] (No. 156) Analysis of Variance and Covariance, by Arnold Grandage, Dec. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 11] (No. 159) The Probability of Reversal Associated with a test Procedure when Data are Incomplete, by Bernard S. Pasternack, Junjiro Ogawa, Mar. 1961
[Box 8, Folder 12] (No. 160) On Theoretical Questions Underlying the Technique of Replicated or Interpenetrating Samples, by J. C. Koop, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 13] (No. 161) Experimental Errors in Grazing Trials, by R. G. Peterson, H. L. Lucas, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 14] (No. 162) Theory and Mathematics in Grassland Problems, by H. L. Lucas, 1960
[Box 8, Folder 15] (No. 163) Some Extensions of the Idea of Bias, by H. R. van der Varrt, Jun. 1961
[Box 8, Folder 16] (No. 164) Biometrics Query 163: Error Rates in Multiple Comparisons, by R. G. D. Steel, Jun. 1961
[Box 8, Folder 17] (No. 165) A Preliminary Evaluation of Telephone and Field Sampling Frames, by Eugene Legler, Jr., Herbert Stern, Jr., W. Scott Overton, Mar. 1961
[Box 8, Folder 18] (No. 167) The Cooperative Organization in Wildlife Statistics, by J. A. Rigney, Oct. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 19] (No. 168) Preliminary Evaluation of the Controlled Road Sight Count as an Index to Mourning Dove Population Levels, by F. S. Critcher, W. Scott Overton, Oct. 1960
[Box 8, Folder 20] (No. 169) On the Derivation of Optimum Allocation Formulas in Stratified Multi-Stage Sampling by the Use of the Cauchy Inequality, by J. C. Koop, 1961
[Box 8, Folder 21] (No. 170) Triallel Analysis, by J. O. Rawlings, C. C. Cockerham, 1962
[Box 8, Folder 22] (No. 171) Analysis of Double Cross Hybrid Populations, by J. O. Rawlings, C. C. Cockerham, 1962
[Box 8, Folder 23] (No. 172) The Distribution of the Product of Two Central or Non-Central Chi-Square Varieties, by W. T. Wells, R. L. Anderson, John W. Cell, 1962
[Box 8, Folder 24] (No. 173) On Upper Limits to the Difference in Bias Between Two Ratio Estimates, by J. C. Koop, 1962
[Box 8, Folder 25] (No. 174) Generalized Inverse of a Singular Matrix, by J. C. Koop, Jun. 1963
[Box 8, Folder 26] (No. 175) Estimation of Genetic Variances, by C. Clark Cockerham, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 27] (No. 176) Generalized Kinetic Regression Analysis: Hypergeometric Kinetics, by M. E. Turner, R. J. Monroe, L. D. Homer, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 28] (No. 177) Simultaneous Selfing and Partial Diallel Test Crossing. I. Estimation of Genetic and Environmental Parameters, by D. F. Matzinger, C. Clark Cockerham, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 29] (No. 178) A Comparison of Three Different Procedures for Estimating Variance Components, by Norman Bush, R. L. Anderson, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 30] (No. 179) On the Axioms of Sample Formation and their Bearing on the Construction of Linear Esitmators in Sampling Theory for Finite Universes, by J. C. Koop, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 31] (No. 180) Periodogram Analysis and Variance Fluctuations, by Laurence J. Herbst, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 32] (No. 181) A Test for Variance Heterogeneity in the Residuals of a Gaussian Moving Average, by Laurence J. Herbst, 1963
[Box 8, Folder 33] (No. 182) On a Problem of Production Planning for a Non-Storable Commodity, by R. M. Zaki, B. B. Bhattacharyya, R. L. Anderson, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 34] (No. 183) Generalization of Wilcoxon Statistic for the Case of k Samples, by Elizabeth H. Yen, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 35] (No. 184) On Two-Stage Non-Parametric Estimation, by Elizabeth H. Yen, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 36] (No. 185) Estimating the Parameters of Mixtures of Binomial Distributions, by W. R. Blischke, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 37] (No. 186) Some Properties of Random Variables, by J. C. Koop, Sept. 1964
[Box 8, Folder 38] (No. 187) Comparison of Fertility Treatments in a Crop Rotation Experiment, by F. B. Cady, D. D. Mason, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 39] (No. 188) Spectral Analysis in the Presence of Variance Fluctuations, by Laurence J. Herbst, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 40] (No. 189) Stationary Amplitude Fluctuations in a Random Series, by Laurence J. Herbst, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 41] (No. 190) On an Identity for the Variance of a Ratio of Two Random Variables, by J. C. Koop, 1964
[Box 8, Folder 42] (No. 191) An Investigation of the Effect of Misclassification on the Properties of X[squared]- Tests in the Analysis of Categorical Data, by V. L. Mote, R. L. Anderson, 1965
[Box 8, Folder 43] (No. 192) A Modification of the Schnabel Estimator to Account for the Removal of Animals from the Population, by W. Scott Overton, 1965
[Box 8, Folder 44] (No. 193) The Statistical Fourier Analysis of Variances, by L. J. Herbst, 1965
[Box 8, Folder 45] (No. 194) Tables for A Treatments Versus Control Multiple Comparisons Sign Test, by A. L. Rhyne, Jr., R. G. D. Steel, 1965
[Box 8, Folder 46] (No. 195) A Note on Wilks' Internal Scatter, by H. Robert van der Vaart, 1965
[Box 9, Folder 1] (No. 196) Variations in Response Errors Induced by Changing Instructions to Enumerators, by Charles H. Proctor, 1965
[Box 9, Folder 2] (No. 197) Estimating and Testing Differences Between Population Levels by the Schnabel Estimation Method, by D. G. Chapman, W. S. Overton, 1966
[Box 9, Folder 3] (No. 198) Simultaneous Selfing and Partial Diallel Test Crossing III. Optimum Selection Procedures, by C. Clark Cockerham, D. F. Matzinger, 1966
[Box 9, Folder 4] (No. 199) The Effect of Field Blocking on Gain From Selection, by W. M. Schutz, C. Clark Cockerham, 1966
[Box 9, Folder 5] (No. 200) Gene Effects and Variances in Hybrid Populations, by C. W. Stuber, C. Clark Cockerham, 1966
[Box 9, Folder 6] (No. 201) Testing Independence in Two Way Contingency Tables with Data Subject to Misclasifcation, by Kwanchai Asskul, Charles H. Proctor, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 7] (No. 202) Group Inbreeding and Coancestry, by C. Clark Cockerham, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 8] (No. 203) Simultaneous Selfing and Partial Diallel Test Crossing II. An Evaluation of Two Methods of Estimation of Genetic and Environmental Variances, by A. H. Nasoetion, C. Clark Cockerham, D. F. Matsinger, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 9] (No. 204) Variational Principle for Certain Nonconservative Systems, by H. Robert van der Vaart, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 10] (No. 205) Replicated (or Interpenetrating) Samples of Unequal Sizes, by J. C. Koop, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 11] (No. 206) Prediction of Double Crosses from Single Crosses, by C. Clark Cockerham, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 12] (No. 207) Estimation of Variance Components in Two-Stage Nested Designs with Composite Samples, by Keith Kussmaul, R. L. Anderson, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 13] (No. 208) A Multiple Comparisons Sign Test: All Pairs of Treatments, by A. L. Rhyne, R. G. D. Steel, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 14] (No. 209) Use of Preliminary Test in the Estimation of Factorial Means, by A. M. Gun, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 15] (No. 210) Comparisons of Designs and Estimation Procedures for Estimating Parameters in a Two-Stage Nested Process, by R. L. Anderson, P. P. Crump, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 16] (No. 211) Determining the Absolutely Continuous Component of a Probability Distribution from its Fourier-Stieltjes Transform, by H. Robert van der Vaart, 1967
[Box 9, Folder 17] Nos. 212-234 (bound volume), 1968-1970
[Box 9, Folder 18] Nos. 235-255 (bound volume), 1969-1972
[Box 10, Folder 1] Nos. 256-270 (bound volume), 1972-1974
[Box 10, Folder 2] Nos. 271-291 (bound volume), 1974-1976
[Box 10, Folder 3] Nos. 292-303 (bound volume), 1976-1977
[Box 11, Folder 1] Nos. 304-314 (bound volume), 1978-1979
[Carton 13] Scrapbooks, 1944-1947 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 13] Scrapbooks, 1949-1954 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 14] Scrapbooks, 1955-1956 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 14] Scrapbook, 1958-1963 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 14] Scrapbooks, 1970-1972 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 15] Scrapbooks, 1974-1977 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Carton 15] Guestbook, 1952-1992 (Accession 2013.0123)
[Flat Folder 1] Group photograph, Raleigh section, Institute of Statistics, Circa 1965


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