UA 102.050 Preliminary Inventory to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, County Operations Records, 1922-2007

This collection has not yet undergone full archival processing; materials are divided into six series (Administrative Records, Pamlico County, Unprocessed Materials, McDowell County, Robeson County, and Wake County), and are arranged in the order received within each series.
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The Administrative Records series contains records related to the administration of the entire Cooperative Extension County Operations. They include meeting minutes, correspondence, surveys, awards, and training materials.
This series has not been fully processed; materials are arranged in the order received.
[Carton 9] External professional activities for pay notice of intent, 2000-2005 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 9] County contract and grant reports, 2001-2004 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 9] Blue Ribbon program, 1999 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 9] Annual accounting for funds at the county level (Form 2), 2000-2004 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 9] Annual and regional Extension conferences, 1992-2005 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 9] County Operations Team meeting minutes, 2004 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 10] County Operations Team meeting minutes, 2004 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 10] County Operations Team meeting minutes, 2005 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 10] County Operations Team meeting minutes, 2006 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 11] Department Extension Leaders (DEL) meeting minutes, 1999-2006 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 11] Specialists' meeting minutes, 1998-2007 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 11] Office of State Planning, 1997-2000 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 11] Vouchers for county expenditures for Extension work, 1998-2005 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 11] Vehicle assignment, 1994-2006 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] State budget reductions, 2001-2002 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] State Advisory Committee meetings, 2000, 2005 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] County Extension Directors survey evaluations, 2001-2003 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] District Extension Directors survey evaluations, 2001-2002 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] Fellowship endowment (J. Ray Woodward), 1982-1985 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] Delegate support for national meeting, 2000-2002 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] Budget preparation, 2002-2006 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] Liability training, 1998-1999 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 12] County Operations strategic plan and goals, 2000-2002 (Accession no. 2009-0066)
[Carton 13] County Grant summaries, 2004-2007 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 13] Horn of Plenty files, 1999-2002 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 13] District Extension Conference file, 2006 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 13] Career Banding Assessment Team, 2006 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 13] SPA Service Awards, 2007 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 13] Effective Financial Controls at the County Level, 2006 (Accession 2011.0251)
[Carton 39] County Operations Team Minutes, 2007-2008 (Accession 2012.0279)
[Carton 41] County Operations Team Minutes, 2007-2008 (Accession 2012.0279)
[Carton 41] State Budget Reversion correspondence, 2002-2003 (Accession 2012.0279)
[Carton 41] Disaster Assistance - Hurricanes Katrina and Isabelle, 2006-2007 (Accession 2012.0279)
The volume and boxes contain reports from the County Extension Agents for Pamlico County North Carolina-annual reports, monthly reports, weekly field reports, and weather reports. The reports cover the activities of R.W. Calphin, W.D. Burton, J.P. Stovall, S.N. Moore, Earl Lemons, Blessie C. Moore, Grace G. McClerney, Gladys Brook Roberts, Julia Dale Harris, Grace E. Breedlove, and Thelma McCotter.
[Legal Box 1] 1922-1935
[Box 2] 1945-1947
[Box 3] 1948-1951
[Box 4] 1952-1954
[Box 5] 1955-1956
[Box 6] 1957-1958
[Box 7] 1959-1960
[Volume 8] 1961-1962
These records have not yet been processed.
[Box 14] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 15] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 16] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 17] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 18] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 19] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 20] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 21] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 22] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 23] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Box 24] Unprocessed Records, Undated
[Carton 41] Newsletters and histories of Extension Work in individual counties, 1939-1956, 1983
The McDowell County series contains photographs, slides, ledgers, and scrapbooks.
[Carton 25] Photographs and slides, 1981-1993 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 26] Scrapbook, 1986-1992 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 26] Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics meeting minutes, 1938-1941 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 26] Photo album, undated (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 26] County Council agendas and minutes, 1975-1983 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 26] Glenwood Extension Homemakers Association, 1965-1991 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 27] Photo album, 1992 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 27] Publications, 1992-1996 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 27] Scrapbook, 1990 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 27] Photographs, 2000-2005 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Card Box 28] Photographs, 1994-2000 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Card Box 29] Photographs, 1994-2000 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 30] Newspaper clippings, 1984-1995 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 30] Slides, 1988-1991 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 31] Slides, 1988-2002 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 31] McDowell County Clover Explosion scrapbook, 1985 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 32] Slides, undated (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 33] Slides, 1976-1989 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 33] Photographs, 1993 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 34] Photographs, 1993 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 34] Newspaper clippings, 1956-1960, 1997-2007 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 34] Scrapbook, 2002 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 34] Scrapbook, 1998-1999 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 34] Slides, undated (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 35] Slides, undated (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 35] Photographs, 1999-2003 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 35] Scrapbook pages, 2000 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 36] Pages from photo album, undated (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 36] Achievement Programs, 1989 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 36] McDowell Extension Homemakers album, 1989 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Carton 36] Ledgers, 1968, 1971 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Flat Box 37] McDowell County scrapbook, 1980 (Accession 2012.0048)
[Flat Box 37] North Cove Club scrapbook, 1955 (Accession 2012.0048)
The Robeson County series contains Affirmative Action Reports.
[Carton 38] Affirmative Action Reports, 1993-2003 (Accession 2012.0097)
[Carton 39] Affirmative Action Reports, 2004-2006 (Accession 2012.0097)
The Wake County series includes budget and fiscal records and blueprints of County Agricultural Buildings.
[Carton 39] Budget and fiscal records, salary adjustments (1 of 2), 1936-1973 (Accession 2012.0208)
[Carton 39] Budget and fiscal records, salary adjustments (2 of 2), 1936-1973 (Accession 2012.0208)
[Flat Folder 40] Blueprints of County Agricultural Building, 1936-1937 (Accession 2012.0208)


North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.


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18 archival boxes, 18 cartons, 1 volume, 2 cardboxes, 1 flatbox, 1 flatfolder



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Transferred from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, County Operations.


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Scope and Content Note

The records of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, County Operations contain administrative records of the County Operations office, as well as records from individual county offices. The county offices represented are Pamlico, McDowell, Robeson, and Wake. The Pamlico County Records include reports filed by county extension agents. The McDowell County Records are comprised of scrapbooks, photo albums, publications, slides, and meeting minutes. The Robeson County Records are Affirmative Action reports. The Wake County Records are fiscal and budget records as well as blueprints. Materials range in date from 1922 to 2008.

Historical Note

In November of 1907 North Carolina appointed its first County Agent for the purpose of educating farmers on productive farming techniques. As a result of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914, Land-Grant Universities were authorized to begin cooperative extension work with the USDA. The Smith-Lever Act made provisions for the use of County Extension agents to educate farmers, provide help in farming, and help with 4-H Clubs and Home Demonstration agents to provide help in running a farm household and provide health information. County and Home Demonstration agents work in cooperation with North Carolina State University and North Carolina A and T.

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