UA 007.001 Preliminary Inventory to the North Carolina State University, Office of Information Technology, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Records, 1973-2010

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North Carolina State University. Office of Information Technology.


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Transferred from North Carolina State University, Office of Information Technology.


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Scope and Content

The records of the Office of Information Technology, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology contain annual reports, correspondence, manuals and printouts pertaining to the division's activities and programs. Also included are material on analog computation, Conversational Monitor System, PC Write and scripting. Materials range in date from 1973 to 2013.

Historical Note

North Carolina State University first opened its Computer Center in 1962, and the organization supported mainframe computers used primarily for what was then leading-edge scientific and research computing. By 1997 the name had changed to Computer Services, and by 1999 it had become the Information Technology Division. On November 1, 2007, ITD and Resource Management and Information Systems (RMIS) joined to form the Office of Information Technology (OIT). The new position of Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (VCIT) was created, filled by Dr. Marc I. Hoit beginning September 1, 2008. OIT provides campus-wide computing, information and communication technology services in support of the university's academic and administrative goals. It oversees 8 component units: Advanced Computing (AC) designs, develops and supports leading-edge computing technologies for NC State’s core research and teaching missions.

Business Services is responsible for the everyday business operations of OIT.

Communication Technologies engineers, deploys and maintains campus-wide electronic communications systems that make it possible for NC State students and employees to learn and work in an increasingly interconnected global community.

Enterprise Application Services evaluates designs, develops, tests, enhances and maintains administrative applications and the underlying middleware and databases to help the university conduct its business.

Infrastructure, Systems and Operations configures, deploys, manages, secures and monitors the data servers and data storage and backup systems that underlie all of NC State's centrally-supported administrative and academic computing services and data resources.

Outreach, Communications, and Consulting coordinates a wide range of activities and provides training, consulting, media production and information services to enhance the use of technologies at NC State.

Security and Compliance seeks to enhance the university’s information technology infrastructure and operations by implementing and enforcing industry best standards, policies, regulations and procedures to protect and secure university environments, systems and data.

Technology Support Services provides a variety of technology support and consulting services for the NC State University campus community.

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