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59th College Training Detachment, N.C. State College Records, Bulk, 1943-1944
Creator: North Carolina State College. 59th College Training Detachment.
Call Number: MC 00008
Abstract: Contains one yearbook for the 59th College Training Detachment (Air), a run of THE DODO OF THE 59TH COLLEGE TRAINING DETACHMENT, N.C. STATE COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N.C., Vol. 1, no, 1 (June 1943) - Vol. 7, no. 5 (June 23, 1944), and a run of THE DODO, N.C. STATE COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N.C., Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1943) - Vol. 3, no. 1 (October 1943).
Account Book from Italy, 1515-1520
Call Number: MSS 00378
Abstract: This account book, written in Latin, probably details the sales of houses in what is now Italy by an unidentified man or company between the years 1515 and 1520.
Alan L. Tharp Papers, Bulk, 1962-1984
Creator: Tharp, Alan L.
Call Number: MC 00400
Abstract: The Alan L. Tharp Papers, 1962-2000, contains IBM and other computer manuals, a data printout, memos and notes relating a teaching evaluation form, the proposal for the ePartners Initiative, and materials documenting the history of the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University.
Alan Pritsker Professional Library, 1952-1992
Creator: Pritsker, Alan
Call Number: MC 00349
Abstract: This collection contains photocopies of the covers and publication information for the books from Alan Pritsker's professional library that were donated to North Carolina State University Libraries from Purdue University in 2003.
Albert Alexander Banadyga Check and Newsclipping, 1944 1997
Creator: Banadyga, Albert Alexander
Call Number: MSS 00207
Abstract: The Albert Alexander Banadyga check and newsclipping consists of a check created on Red Cross stationery by Banadyga when he was hospitalized in Denizes, England in 1944 to recuperate from a wound. The check was written to pay his alumni dues at North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (now North Carolina State University). It was honored by his bank, First Citizens Bank and Trust Company, in Burgaw, N.C. The newsclipping contains an article about Banadyga's roommate Dudley Robbins. This 1997 article talks about Robbins's experiences as a Nazi prisoner of war in 1944.
Albert C. Woodroof and A. C. Woodroof, Jr. Papers and Architectural Drawings, 1927-1986
Creator: Woodroof, A. C. (Albert Cecil), Jr., 1920-1991
Call Number: MC 00325
Abstract: The Albert C. Woodroof and A. C. Woodroof, Jr. Papers and Architectural Drawings document the professional activities of the two architects and their firms. The collection is arranged into five series: drawings, project files, office records, professional papers, and personal papers. The drawings series contains drawings from both Woodroof, Sr. and Woodroof, Jr., and includes floor plans, site plans, details, and elevations for a variety of projects. Project files contain correspondence, financial records, contracts and agreements, and other material relating primarily to Woodroof, Jr.’s firm. Office records contain correspondence, lists of prospective clients, personnel files, financial accounts, and promotional materials for Woodroof, Jr.’s firm. Professional papers contain general materials relating to architecture and design, such as publications from the American Institute of Architects and other professional organizations, catalogs, brochures, and clippings. Personal papers contain correspondence and financial records for both men. Materials in this collection range in date from 1927 to 1986.
Albert Harvey Grimshaw apprenticeship document and newsletter, 1867 - 1944
Creator: Grimshaw, Albert Harvey, 1883-1949
Call Number: MSS 00091
Abstract: The Albert Harvey Grimshaw Apprenticeship Document and Newsletter contain a photocopy and microfilm copy of the indenture of apprenticeship document for Amos James Grimshaw to James Mather Daltry, to learn the "Art, trade, and business of a reed maker and Heald Knitter." This document was registered in the county of Lancaster, England, on 1867 May 11. There is also a typewritten copy of the "Grimshaw Newsletter," 1944. This newsletter covers events in the lives of Grimshaw's classmates at North Carolina State University.
Alexander Quarles Holladay Papers, 1815- 1912
Creator: Holladay, Alexander Quarles, 1839-1909
Call Number: MC 00010
Abstract: The Alexander Quarles Holladay Papers consist of photographs, letters, a speech, a notebook, a memory book, and a certificate of Holladay's Civil War military commission. The memory book is from Holladay's final year as a student at the University of Virginia. The speech given at the presentation of his portrait provides a genealogy dating to 1702. Some photographs of Shakespearean engravings are included. Other materials relate to Holladay's tenure as the first president of North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (later North Carolina State University) and include a "Book of Incidental Expenses" kept by Holladay during the first year, 1889-1890. The published books are items that had been in the Holladay family.
Alfred Alexander Dixon Papers, 1909 - 1939
Creator: Dixon, Alfred Alexander
Call Number: MSS 00045
Abstract: The Alfred Alexander Dixon Papers includes faculty data cards, diplomas, journal reprints, a photograph, an obituary, and other materials related to Dixon's personal life and career.
Alvin Marcus Fountain Papers, 1889-2002
Creator: Fountain, Alvin Marcus, 1899-
Call Number: MC 00007
Abstract: The Alvin Marcus Fountain Papers (1889 - 2002) contain records relating to Fountain's career at North Carolina State College and North Carolina State University as a student, faculty member, and alumnus. Although a majority of the documents relate to the university, the Papers also include records describing Fountain's community involvement. A small number of the documents concern Fountain's wife Maxine and other family members.
American Cyanamid Company, 1945-1977
Creator: American Cyanamid Company. Calco Chemical Division.
Call Number: MC 00315
Abstract: New Jersey’s Calco Chemical Company was founded in 1915 at a site close to the town of Bound Brook, almost adjacent to the Raritan River, to manufacture coal-tar intermediates required to make synthetic dyestuffs. After 1918, Calco also successfully embarked on the manufacture of synthetic dyestuffs by processes that were far more complex than hitherto used in American chemical industry. After 1945, American Cyanamid’s Calco Chemical Division specialized in vat dyestuffs, fluorescent whitening agents, polyurethane and acrylic polymers, and the invention of herbicides. In 1993 Cyanamid finished its transformation from a chemical to a drug and agricultural products company.
American Land Forum Records, 1976-1987
Creator: American Land Forum, Inc.
Call Number: MC 00271
Abstract: Records document the establishment of the American Land Forum, founded by Charles E. Little in 1978, whose mission was to establish policy on land conservation. The award-winning American Land Forum / New American Land Magazine was created by the corporation in 1980. The records include financial statements, organizational records, correspondence, papers on pertinent issues of concern to the organization, and various publications.
Animal People Papers, 1992-2013
Creator: Animal People, Inc.
Call Number: MC 00409
Abstract: This collection contains a complete run of the journal newspaper "Animal People" from 1992-2013.
Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Pamphlets, 1874-1952
Call Number: MC 00456
Abstract: Educational publications, advertisements, informational pamphlets, correspondence, subscription forms and ephemera related to animal rights and animal welfare, especially anti-vivisection. This collection appears to originate from the West of England, with a particular focus on the Manchester area. However, the collection also contains material from throughout the United Kingdom and a few materials from the United States. Most of the material was produced and distributed by organizations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society, the League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports, National Society for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, the Victoria Street Society for the Abolition of Vivisection, and others. Also included are Catholic, Quaker, and other religious pamphlets. The collection contains items written by Frances Power Cobbe, Henry Stephens Salt, H. E. Bates, George Bernard Shaw, and H. G. Wells. Members of the Bloomsbury Group, including Virginia Woolf and Clive Bell who are listed as subscribers to some groups, are represented here. There is also material related to and designed by cartoonist and animal rights activist Cyril Kenneth Bird, who went by the pen name 'Fougasse.' The material ranges in date from the 1870s to the 1950s and includes a quantity of material from the interwar period and the era surrounding and following World War II.
Animal Rights and Welfare Publications, 1896 - 2009
Creator: Animal Rights Network
Call Number: MC 00440
Abstract: The Animal Rights and Welfare Publications records contains magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, testimonials from federal hearings, books, annual reports, articles, comic books, leaflets, videotapes, catalogs, a screenplay, and an audio CD. All publications were collected by the Animal Rights Network for their relevance in the treatment of animals. This includes a broad range of publishers and organizations, from animal rights groups, animal shelters, wildlife sanctuaries, laboratory animal providers, animal liberation groups, hunting enthusiasts, political activists, fur trappers, pet dealers, animal breeders, vegetarians, laboratories that experiment on animals, educators, societies for the protection of animals, and pet lovers.
Animal Rights Network Records, Bulk, 1970-2002
Creator: Animal Rights Network
Call Number: MC 00351
Abstract: The Animal Rights Network Records contains correspondence, office files, reports, clippings, publications, mailings, and audiovisual resources documenting the activities of the Animal Rights Network in advocating for the ethical and humane treatment of animals. Issues addressed by the organization include live animal experimentation, exploitation of animals for sport and entertainment, intensive breeding and slaughter of domestic animals for food, and irresponsible pet ownership. The Animal Rights Network (ARN) published a bimonthly magazine, The Animals' Agenda, which contained original content and also served to assist smaller animal rights organizations network with members of the animal rights community, as well as maintained a library and archives component. ARN encouraged its members to collect and maintain their own collections documenting the animal rights and animal welfare movements, and many members donated their collections to ARN. The bulk of the material dates from the 1950s to 1990s.
Animal Welfare Institute Records, 1930s-2002
Creator: Animal Welfare Institute.
Call Number: MC 00344
Abstract: The records of the Animal Welfare Institute include administrative files of both the AWI and the Society for Animal Protective Legislation (SAPL), subject files on animals the organization works to protect, files on legislation that SAPL has been involved with, files on the work of other animal rights groups, subject files on regional activities, photographs, publications, books, and audiovisual materials. Materials of the organization range in date from its founding in the early 1950s to the early 2000s; other materials in the collection date back to the 1930s.
Animals Asia Foundation records, 1998 - 2003
Creator: Animals Asia Foundation.
Call Number: MC 00341
Abstract: The Animals Asia Foundation Records contain information about the organization; promotional materials, including pamphlets and stickers; and newsletters. An Animals Asia Foundation book and videotape about the China Bear Rescue, as well as a 2001 issue of Asian Geographic, are also included.
Anne Maupin Scrapbook, 1940-1950
Creator: Maupin, Anne
Call Number: MC 00257
Abstract: The Anne Maupin Scrapbook chronicles the North Carolina State College's Ceramic Engineering Department from 1940 to 1950. Anne Maupin was the secretary for Ceramic Engineering Department, 1940-1950.
Archie Royal Davis Papers, 1926-1980
Creator: Davis, Archie Royal, 1907-1980
Call Number: MC 00241
Abstract: The Archie Royal Davis Papers include materials related to Davis's professional associations and civic activities as well as biographical material and photographs. The bulk of the collection is comprised of Davis's office records and architectural drawings.
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