MC 00045 Preliminary Inventory to the Douglas Sanders Slides and Papers, 1971-2005

The collection is comprised of two series: Papers and Slides.
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Contained in this series are grant and project proposals, reprints and pamphlets, publications (including manuscripts), research reports, notebooks, documents on the North Carolina Growers Association, and materials on international projects. It stems mostly from Dr. Sanders's research and professional activities.
[Carton 1] NC Vegetable Growers Association, 1992 - 2004
[Carton 1] Uruguay, 1992 - 2004
[Carton 1] Volunteers in Overseas Cooperation Assistance, 1992 - 2004
[Carton 1] Grant and Project Proposals, 1992 - 2004
[Carton 2] Class Notes and Papers, 1976 - 1997
[Carton 2] Grower Guidelines authored by Sanders in "America Vegetable Grower", 1976 - 1997
[Carton 2] Manuscripts for publication, mainly in HortTechnology, 1976 - 1997
[Carton 3] Publication and Reprints authored by Sanders, 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Distance Education, 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Project and Grant Proposals (includes Uruguay projects), 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Committee on International Programs (NCSU), 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Manuscript for publications and pamphlets authored by Sanders (including urban growing), 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Intensive Vegetable Systems Training Notebook, 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Annual Project Resource Requests Notebook, 1975 - 2005
[Carton 3] Pepper Management Notebook, 1975 - 2005
[Carton 4] Asparagus Research Reports, 1972 - 2004
[Carton 4] North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Unity Retreat Notebook, 2004
[Carton 4] Cultural Systems Notebooks (Cooperative Extension Service New Agent Training), 1972 - 2004
[Carton 4] GAPS (Good Agricultural Practices) Notebook in Spanish, 1972 - 2004
[Carton 4] Reprints authored by Sanders, 1972 - 2004
This series consists of approximately 30,000 35 mm photographic slides created for Sanders's research or presentations he made. Seven cartons contain slides organized in small drawers by plant, project, or other topic. Other cartons contain slides organized into notebooks by project. A small number has been organized in slide carousels.
[Carton 5, Folder 1] Slide Notebook: Title Slides, Titles and Graphics, 1976 - 1991
[Carton 5, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: Special Projects
[Carton 5, Folder 3] Slide Notebook: Untitled
[Carton 5, Folder 4] Slide Notebook: Pimentoes and Direct Seeding
[Carton 5, Folder 5] Slide Notebook: 2 "Spacemaker" containers of unidentified slides, 1999 - 2002
[Carton 6, Folder 1] Slide Notebook: Intensive Vegetable Systems (Slides/Scripts)
[Carton 6, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: General Horticulture
[Carton 6, Folder 3] Slide Notebook: ASH2 SL92 "Power Point"
[Carton 6, Folder 4] Slide Notebook: "1995 Slide Sets" (actual dates 1981-1984), 1981-1984
[Carton 6, Folder 5] Slide Notebook: Israel (Shur-Rane)
[Carton 6, Folder 6] Blue Slide Notebook Containing Slide Sets on Fresh Market Tomatoes and Field Grown Transplants, 1980
[Carton 6, Folder 7] Slide Notebook (appears to be just titles)
[Carton 6, Folder 8] Slide Notebook: Humic Acid Research, 1986
[Carton 7, Folder 1] Slide Notebook: Special Research Projects, 1972 - 1995
[Carton 7, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: Slide Sets on United F.F. and V. Association; P. Seeding, Drip, Oriental Vegetables, P. Plastic, Row Cover, Transplants, 1977 - 1994
[Carton 7, Folder 3] Slide Notebook: Slide Sets on Harvest Aids, Cover Groups, Poultry Litter for Pepper Production, Row Covers for Early Vegetables, Intensive Vegetable Systems, Container Vegetable Transplants, 1992 - 1993
[Carton 7, Folder 4] Blue Slide Notebook (Slide Sets) Asparagus, Pumpkins, New Vegetables Crops for NC Farmers, Look at Your Markets, 1980
[Carton 7, Folder 5] Slide Carousal: Food Safety, 1983 - 2001
[Carton 8, Folder 1] Slide Notebook: Pam Miller Views, 1973 - 1993
[Carton 8, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: Fish and Vegetable Systems
[Carton 8, Folder 3] Slide Notebook: Soil Warming, 1971 - 1974
[Carton 8, Folder 4] Blue-Gray Slide Notebook; Ground Horticulture, Markets, Farm Market Tomatoes, Hungary, Plastic Mulch, Equipment, 1990
[Carton 8, Folder 5] Slide Carousel: Horticulture, The Grand Continuum Presentation, 1982 - 1992
[Carton 9, Folder 1] Blue Slide Notebook: Tomato Slide Set, Processing Tomato Slide Set, Pimento Pepper, 1980
[Carton 9, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: Varieties (Dow Notebooks): Slides have "PT-V" on them., 1972 - 1973
[Carton 9, Folder 3] Slide Notebook: New Zealand, 1993
[Carton 9, Folder 4] Slide Notebook: Seminario Tecnologias de Produccion: Slides - 1986- 1998 and Workshop Materials 1999., 1986 - 1999
[Carton 9, Folder 5] Slide Notebook: Chill (Slides), 1989 - 1992
[Carton 9, Folder 6] Slide Carousel: Vegetables, 1990, 1990
[Carton 10, Folder 1] Slide Notebook: Irrigation (Charts, Graphs, Pre-printed Slides) and International Outreach, 1979 - 1980
[Carton 10, Folder 2] Slide Notebook: Slide Sets of Field Grown Transplants, Fresh Market Tomatoes, Pimento Pepper, Processing Tomato Production, Pumpkins, and Asparagus, 1972 - 1979
[Carton 10, Folder 3] Unidentified Red Slide Notebook (includes grading, onions, beans, equipment, peppers, packing, tomatoes, and general horticulture), 1988
[Carton 10, Folder 4] Unidentified Black Slide Notebook: General Horticulture, Weather Stations, Equipment, Hogs, Field Day, General Vegetables, and "General P", 1971- 1993
[Carton 11] Slide Drawers: Artichoke, Eggplant, Cauliflower, California and Florida, Travels, Equipment Post Harvest, Cucumber, Equipment Seeders, Carrots, Containers, Culture, Broccoli, Chemical Control, Carrot, Equipment, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 12] Slide Drawers: Equipment Seeders, Carrot, Equipment, General, Onion, Asparagus, Carrot, Broccoli, Oriental, Cow, Plastic Mulch, Presentation, Cantaloupe, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 13] Slide Drawers: Plastic Mulch, Squash, Asparagus, Equipment Not Sorted, Cabbage, Potato, Preservation, Beans and Peas, Pumpkins, Special, Special Transplants, Special Cover Crop, Special Montana 1997, Special Root Rot 2000, Tomato, Vegetable Rot and Special Cover Crops, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 14] Slide Drawers: Melon, Potato, Equipment Not Sorted, General, Special Uruguay, Pepper, Irrigation, Drip, Irrigation Drip, CA Crop and Equipment, CA Vegetables, Uruguay, Peppers, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 15] Slide Drawers: Onion, Celery, Okra, Radish, Irrigation, Parsley, Garlic, Tomato, Uruguay, CA Crops and Equipment, Plastic Mulch, Variety Misc., MN Mist Irrigation (do not scan), MN Research (do not scan), Sweet Potato, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 16] Slide Drawers: Potato, Florida and Misc., Market, Potato, Watermelon, Equipment, Pepper, 1978 - 2000
[Carton 17] Slide Drawers: Pepper Oriental Vegetables, Watermelon, Markets, Food Safety, Intensive, General Post-Harvest, General, Equipment Sprayers, People and Places, Lettuce, Mushroom, Australia, Plant Production, Squash Production, Greens, 1978 - 2000


Sanders, D. C. (Douglas C.)


25.5 Linear feet 17 cartons

General Physical Description note

17 cartons


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Acquisitions Information

Donated by Ellen Sanders, 2007.


Processed by: Todd Kosmerick;machine-readable finding aid created by: Todd Kosmerick

Scope and Content Note

The Douglas Sanders Slides and Papers consist of materials gathered from Dr. Sanders's office on the campus of North Carolina State University. Over half of the materials consist of 35mm color photographic slides used by Dr. Sanders in his research, teaching, and presentations. The collection has not been fully processed yet.

Biographical Note

Sanders grew up on a family farm in Mason, Michigan. Sanders received his bachelor’s degree in vegetable crops in 1965 from Michigan State University. He earned his master’s degree and doctorate in horticulture in 1967 and 1970, respectively, from the University of Minnesota. He began his professional career at North Carolina State University in 1970 as an assistant professor specializing in vegetable production, and he was promoted to full professor in 1982.

Sanders taught and conducted research on vegetable production systems and their application worldwide. His accomplishments included the establishment of the N.C. Vegetable Growers Association, introduction of numerous new vegetable technologies (drip irrigation, plasticulture, precision seeding) and introdcution of new crops to North Carolina, including asparagus, broccoli, sweet onions and leaf lettuce.

Sanders served as vice president of the Extension Division of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) in 1992-93. In 1992 he was named a Fellow of ASHS, and he received the organization's Outstanding International Horticulturist Award in 2006. He also served as president of the Southern Region ASHS in 2000.

Douglas Sanders was married to Ellen Sanders. He died on April 17, 2006.

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