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What collections are represented here?

The Special Collections Research Center contains over 15,000 linear feet of original materials, including some 250,000 photographic images, documenting the history of NCSU, the history of plant and forestry genetics and genomics, the history of computing and simulation, architecture and design, textiles, veterinary medicine, entomology, and other subject areas. The staff of the Research Center have created collection guides for most of these collections.

What is a collection guide?

Collection guides identify, describe, and list the contents of collections of materials which are not individually cataloged. Most guides also contain information about the person or organization who created the collection. Typically, these guides do not describe individual items in the collection being described, but rather describe groupings of materials such as the contents of a folder or a box as well as the organizational context in which these materials are stored.



You can search by any word within the collection guides.

textiles Search keywords (full text and metadata) for 'textiles'
textile industry Search keywords for 'textile' AND 'industry'
architect* Search keywords for the string 'architect' followed by 0 or more characters
africa? Search keywords for the string 'africa' followed by a single character


On every search screen you will see the box entitled "Refine your search." Each of the categories are called facets, and you can discover relevant resources by browsing the contents of the facets. So by selecting the Collection facet you can choose to only see items which match your query and are in the University Archives or Manuscripts collections. By selecting other facets you can further narrow your search. In order to remove a facet and expand your search click on the collapse icon. When you see a facet under "Refine your search" that is interesting, you can also dig in deeper by clicking expand to see related terms.

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