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John William Harrelson Papers, 1908-1955
Creator: Harrelson, J. W. (John William), 1885-1955
Call Number: MC 00001
Abstract: The John William Harrelson Papers contain correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, minutes, clippings, certificates, scrapbooks, financial records, and photographs. The collection provides information about Harrelson's military career, his tenure as a faculty member and administrator at North Carolina State College (later North Carolina State University), and his service as director of the North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development. The materials also relate to Harrelson's membership in various civic and professional organizations.
Thomas Nelson Papers, 1877-1954
Creator: Nelson, Thomas, b. 1872
Call Number: MC 00002
Abstract: This collection contains material documenting the personal and professional life of Thomas Nelson, an internationally renowned textile expert and educator. Included are correspondence, photographs, textile samples, clippings from print media, class and lab notes, and Nelson's various published works. Of special interest in this collection is correspondence with then-Democratic presidential nominee Franklin Delano Roosevelt, correspondence with a North Carolina State alumnus serving in the Second World War, and a signed 4th edition of Nelson's book, Practical Loom Fixing.
James B. Hunt Papers, 1971-1997
Creator: Hunt, James B., 1937-
Call Number: MC 00003
Abstract: The James B. Hunt Papers, 1971-1997, include videotapes, films, audiotapes, photographs, correspondence, news clippings, ad slicks, position papers, advertisement scripts, cue sheets, stickers, buttons, and brochures relating to the political campaigns of James Baxter Hunt Jr., who was a four-term Democratic governor of North Carolina, 1977-1985 and 1993-2001. The largest portion of the collection is the videotapes, which feature television advertisements produced for Hunt’s campaigns, debate preparation sessions, debates, and television news broadcasts about the campaigns. The bulk of these materials document Hunt’s unsuccessful 1984 bid to unseat Republican Jesse Helms as United States Senator from North Carolina and the 1992 gubernatorial campaign, in which Hunt defeated Republican James Gardner. Also included is material relating to his 1996 gubernatorial campaign, and some material from the 1976 and 1980 gubernatorial campaigns. Not included are any materials specifically documenting Hunt’s official acts as governor.
Robert N. Elliott Photographs, Bulk, 1970-1979
Creator: Elliott, Robert N., 1915-2003
Call Number: MC 00004
Abstract: This collection contains photographs taken by Dr. Robert Neal Elliott, Jr., 1965 to 1985 (bulk 1970s). The photographs are primarily outdoor shots in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina and include the following themes: historic sections of Raleigh and Old Salem, North Carolina; South Carolina cemeteries; beaches and waterscapes; rural landscapes; outdoor winter landscapes; North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina campuses; plants and flowers; and trees.
Kenneth Walter Cameron Papers, 1938 - 1948, 1984, 1989 - 1994
Creator: Cameron, Kenneth Walter, 1908-
Call Number: MC 00005
Abstract: Papers relating to Kenneth Walter Cameron's career teaching English at North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University), as well as his participation in the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) during World War II.
G. Milton Small Papers, 1950-1984
Creator: Small, G. Milton (George Milton), 1916-1992
Call Number: MC 00006
Abstract: The G. Milton Small Papers contain architectural drawings and photographs of projects and structures designed by architect G. Milton Small between 1950 and 1981. The collection primarily consists of architectural drawings of Small's designs, many of which were constructed on the North Carolina State University campus and elsewhere in the Raleigh, North Carolina, region. The collection also contains photographs taken by architectural photographers Joseph Molitor and Holland Wright, as well as Small's writings on computerized parking systems.
Alvin Marcus Fountain Papers, 1889-2002
Creator: Fountain, Alvin Marcus, 1899-
Call Number: MC 00007
Abstract: The Alvin Marcus Fountain Papers (1889 - 2002) contain records relating to Fountain's career at North Carolina State College and North Carolina State University as a student, faculty member, and alumnus. Although a majority of the documents relate to the university, the Papers also include records describing Fountain's community involvement. A small number of the documents concern Fountain's wife Maxine and other family members.
59th College Training Detachment, N.C. State College Records, Bulk, 1943-1944
Creator: North Carolina State College. 59th College Training Detachment.
Call Number: MC 00008
Abstract: Contains one yearbook for the 59th College Training Detachment (Air), a run of THE DODO OF THE 59TH COLLEGE TRAINING DETACHMENT, N.C. STATE COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N.C., Vol. 1, no, 1 (June 1943) - Vol. 7, no. 5 (June 23, 1944), and a run of THE DODO, N.C. STATE COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N.C., Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1943) - Vol. 3, no. 1 (October 1943).
William H. Beezley Typescript, 1975
Creator: Beezley, William H.
Call Number: MC 00009
Abstract: The William H. Beezley Typescript consists of a 391-page manuscript entitled The Wolfpack: Intercollegiate Athletics at North Carolina State University, 1975. Beezley's work, published under the same title by N.C. State in 1976, traces the history of football, basketball, and other sports at the university from 1892 to 1975.
Alexander Quarles Holladay Papers, 1815- 1912
Creator: Holladay, Alexander Quarles, 1839-1909
Call Number: MC 00010
Abstract: The Alexander Quarles Holladay Papers consist of photographs, letters, a speech, a notebook, a memory book, and a certificate of Holladay's Civil War military commission. The memory book is from Holladay's final year as a student at the University of Virginia. The speech given at the presentation of his portrait provides a genealogy dating to 1702. Some photographs of Shakespearean engravings are included. Other materials relate to Holladay's tenure as the first president of North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (later North Carolina State University) and include a "Book of Incidental Expenses" kept by Holladay during the first year, 1889-1890. The published books are items that had been in the Holladay family.
James M. Smith World War II Maps and Documents Collection, 1940-1945
Creator: Smith, James M.
Call Number: MC 00011
Abstract: Contains various maps of the European and Pacific Theaters in English, German, and Italian used by U.S. soldiers during World War II.
Digital Content Available
W. J. Peele Papers, 1888-1923
Creator: Peele, W. J. (William Joseph), b. 1855
Call Number: MC 00012
Abstract: The William Joseph Peele Papers, 1888-1923, contain items relating to Peele's tenure on the Board of Trustees at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (later North Carolina State University) between 1899 and 1901. The majority of material details administrative topics discussed and changes made during that period. A small number of personal materials are also included.
Digital Content Available
Polk Family Papers, 1850-1961
Creator: Polk Family
Call Number: MC 00013
Abstract: The Polk Family Papers, 1850-1961, contain correspondence, newspaper articles, recipes, printed booklets, typed manuscripts, and a nineteenth-century memory book relating to the personal life and professional activities of Leonidas Lafayette Polk and members and friends of his family. Included are a small number of documents concerning Polk's daughter Juanita Polk Denmark and the Turrentine family of Hillsborough, North Carolina.
Basic Concrete Technology Films, 1964?
Call Number: MC 00015
Abstract: Eleven reels, 16 mm film, labeled Basic concrete technology, and one reel labeled Introduction to Concrete Inspection.
Digital Content Available
Charles Burgess Williams Papers, 1895 - 1953
Creator: Williams, Charles Burgess, 1871-1947
Call Number: MC 00016
Abstract: The Charles Burgess Williams Papers, 1895 - 1953, contain items relating to Williams' time at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. During his tenure as a student, researcher, and professor, the institution was renamed North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University). The collection contains personal documents, professional materials documenting his contributions to the study of agriculture, published and unpublished biographical pieces, and materials relating to the history of North Carolina State University.
L. R. Harrill Papers, 1888 - 1988
Creator: Harrill, L. R. (Lera Rhinehart)
Call Number: MC 00017
Abstract: The L. R. Harrill Papers contain writings, speeches, journals, personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, certificates of merit and appreciation, agricultural publications, and mementoes that are associated with Harrill's student days at North Carolina State College and his long tenure, 1926-1963, as the director of North Carolina's statewide 4-H program, the largest in the nation. The material provides insight into Harrill's personal life and documents his involvement with the 4-H movement on a local, national, and international level, including the International Farm Youth Exchange. Represented are letters Harrill wrote as a student at North Carolina State College to his mother and father from 1918 to 1922.
Ira B. Mullis Papers, 1925-1964
Creator: Mullis, Ira B. (Ira Broadis), 1877-1956
Call Number: MC 00018
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, reports, memos, Mullis' professional writings, photographs, blueprints, maps, charts and notes. Materials in the collection date from 1925-1964.
GI Bill Oral Histories, 2003-2004
Creator: North Carolina State University. Libraries.
Call Number: MC 00019
Abstract: This collection of oral histories contains audiocassette tapes, 2003-2004, of interviews with GI Bill veterans who attended North Carolina State College (later North Carolina State University). The interviewees were twelve servicemen and -women who were in the armed forces during World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War eras, and later. The interviews cover the subjects' military service, educational experiences, GI Bill benefits, and professional careers. Also included for some interviews are tape logs--typed partial transcripts with abridged or paraphrased questions and answers, along with tape counter numbers. Interviews were conducted by Anna Dahlstein, NCSU Libraries Fellow, and Robert Serow, Professor, Education Research, College of Education, North Carolina State University.
Robert W. Graeber Papers, 1911-1949
Creator: Graeber, Robert Walter, 1888-1967
Call Number: MC 00020
Abstract: News clippings, radio talks, articles, correspondence, field reports, and photographs relating to Robert Walter Graeber's thirty-two years spent in service of the North Carolina Agricultural Extension program. As head of the Forestry Extension, he influenced the founding of the North Carolina State College (later North Carolina State University) Forestry Department in 1929. Of major interest in this collection are Graeber's weekly field reports on several counties in North Carolina. These reports reflect Graeber's daily activities from 1926 to 1939. Other reports meticulously document plots of timber within several counties over the same period. Age, growth, volume, number, and price of standing trees represent the data gathered.
Digital Content Available
Ira Obed Schaub Papers, 1855 - 1974
Creator: Schaub, I. O. (Ira Obed), 1880-1971
Call Number: MC 00021
Abstract: The Ira Obed Schaub Papers contain correspondence, news articles, writings, publications, awards, and certificates concerning Schaub's professional life, from his career in 4-H work to his work at North Carolina State's cooperative extension program and as dean of the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Schaub Papers also includes information about the personal life of Ira Obed Schaub, including his community involvement, travel, and education. A small number of documents concerning Maud Kennedy Schaub, the wife of Ira Obed Schaub, and some materials regarding the Schaub and Kennedy families, are also part of the collection. The collection dates from 1855 to 1974.
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