Journal and Article Alerts

  • Many library databases will alert you when new records satisfying specific search criteria (e.g., journal title or keywords) are added to the database.
  • Click on the "alert" or "RSS" links on the database results pages. You may need to save your search or view your search history in order to access these features.
  • You will be asked to create a free account with the database provider.
  • For help setting up article alerts using library databases, contact a librarian.

Creating Search and Journal Alerts in EBSCOhost Databases (3:52)
Saving Search Histories and Creating Alerts Using Web of Science (5:45)
Citation Alerting Using Web of Science (4:44)


New Book Alerts

The NCSU Libraries catalog offers RSS feeds to help you keep track of new books and other resources as they are added to the library collection. (Read more...)