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Using Mendeley for managing and sharing references, and citing in LaTeX
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This workshop will provide a overview of using Mendeley to organize scholarly literature, and to compose citation and bibliography in manuscripts composed in LaTeX.
Mendeley is a free, cross-platform reference management tool and academic social network that can help you to organize your research. Mendeley's key features help users to: import references and organize full text PDFs, share literature with collaborators, add personal notes and annotations, manage reference lists in collaboration with global research communities, and synchronize literature through an online library. Mendeley is compatible with word processors like LaTeX, OpenOffice, and MSWord. Mendeley offers iPhone and iPad applications.

Workshop Pre-Requisites
Anyone who wishes to learn about Mendeley is welcome. This session will be useful to the students and researchers of the College of Engineering and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and others who use LaTeX for composing research reports and manuscripts. 
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