About Events

The NCSU Libraries has three on-going speaker series: the Fabulous Faculty Series, the Amazing Alumni Series, and the Stellar Student Series. These programs offer students, faculty and members of the wider community the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research and creative endeavors being generated by faculty, students and graduates of NC State University. In addition, these series strengthen NCSU Libraries’ brand as a gateway to knowledge for the North Carolina State University community and partners.

Fabulous Faculty Series

The Fabulous Faculty series showcases the remarkable research and scholarship conducted by NC State’s community of scholars. Faculty featured as part of this series include: John Kessel, Sarah Ash, Michael Stoskopf and Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, Robert St. Amant, David Hinks, Ann Ross, Mike Walden, Andrew Taylor, John Frampton, Craig Brookins, Rob Dunn, Rupert Nacoste, Larry Silverberg, Katherine Mellen Charron, R. Michael Young, Susanna Lee, Dan Ksepka, Annie Anton, Joseph Desimone, Michael Steer, J. Mark Scearce and Blaire Kelley.


"I think the Fabulous Faculty series is a wonderful opportunity for faculty to share their research with an engaged and diverse audience. I also think that the series reinforces the library as a space for intellectual exchange . . ." – Dr. Susanna Lee, Fabulous Faculty speaker

Amazing Alumni Series

The Amazing Alumni series gives the NCSU Libraries a chance to bring back to campus some of the NC State graduates who have made the university proud by accomplishing great things since they earned their diplomas.

Barbara Mulkey and student

Barbara Mulkey (left), chair of the NC State University Board of Trustees, discussed her experiences as a successful engineer and businessperson during an Amazing Alumni program in February 2012. NC State student Catherina Gomes (right) moderated.

Stellar Student Series

The Stellar Student Series was created to allow students, faculty and other members of the community to see and hear some of the best thinking, writing, and multimedia being done by undergraduate and graduate students across the campus, and to hear – from students themselves – about their experiences at NC State.

Saul Flores

Student Saul Flores talks about his project "Walk of the Immigrant" to a standing-room-only audience.

Other Programming

In addition to the signature series, the NCSU Libraries offers a variety of other programs and events, including Read Smart, a book discussion series with NC State faculty moderators, as well as other programs that feature members of the NC State community.