Construction Documents: Photographs by Doug Van de Zande

When: December 13, 2013 to August 15, 2014, 12:00am - 2:30pm
Where: The Exhibit Gallery in D. H. Hill

We are pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit featuring fourteen large-format black-and-white prints by Raleigh photographer Doug Van de Zande. Working with a traditional eight-by-ten view camera, Van de Zande documented the construction of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library from late 2010 through the fall of 2011 producing a series of beautiful portraits of the workers who moved earth, poured concrete, pulled wire, and clad the exterior with the building’s iconic “fins.”

Additional large-scale reproductions of Van de Zande’s work, alongside stunning aerial photographs of the site that show the building literally rise from the ground, offer a unique, behind the scenes perspective on the people and process that brought the Hunt Library to life.

Photograph by Doug Van de Zande

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Molly Renda
(919) 513-8027

Construction Documents: Photographs by Doug Van de Zande