Scholarly Publications Repository Project


The NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository, contains citations to over 42,000 scholarly publications produced by NC State-affiliated authors since 1997, with limited pre-1997 publications. A growing number of these citations also provide direct links to a locally archived full-text version of the work, housed and maintained in a DSpace based repository system.

Technical Team

Technical Details

The Scholarly Publications Repository consists of two interlinking applications. The first of these is a PHP application that provides searchable and browseable access to the citations which are stored in an Oracle database. The second application is a highly customized version of DSpace which houses the full-text items that are lodged in the repository. Apart from the browser based access, the citations are also made available via a web services API that allows interested parties to search and retrieve the data in XML format either for download or for run-time transformation as part of external applications.

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Last updated: October 23, 2009