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Data Views, branded publicly as "By the Numbers," is a system for storing and publishing high level metrics about the Libraries' services and collections. The stored metrics are intended for promotional purposes. The initial implementation consists of a single page of multiple Data Views widgets for promoting various library services and collections (inspired by the Indianapolis Museum of Art Dashboard), as well as single Data Views blocks embedded on various pages of the library's website. Additionally, Data Views content will be displayed on eboards in the library.


Technical Details

Data Views is supported by a MySQL database that stores metrics. The data sources for the metrics are our integrated library system, other databases, transaction logs, and spreadsheets, among other sources. Metrics enter into Data Views through automated processes (typically Python scripts run daily by cron) or through manual entry (depending on the source data). Data Views is integrated with our Drupal content management system, which fetches data from the Data Views database and publishes them to the web so the data is always up to date.

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Last updated: January 31, 2012