Blacklight Development


Blacklight is an open source plugin to the Rails framework for creating search and discovery applications. Features include stemmed keyword searching, relevancy ranking, faceted browsing, and display of different content types. Historical State Search project to power search and discovery of a variety of digital objects. Initially an OPAC replacement from the University of Virginia, Blacklight has grown into a flexible application for creating powerful search interfaces for other types of content. Partners on the project include the University of Virginia and Stanford University. DLI staff member Jason Ronallo is a committer to the project.


Technical Details

Blacklight is an Engines plug to the Rails framework. It enables Solr-powered search within any Rails application. Since it is a plugin, implementers can customize the code in a simple, highly configurable way. Hudson is used for continuous integration. The project is moving to github to allow for greater collaboration from a larger developer community.


  • Regular releases are made.
  • Move to github scheduled for Fall 2009.

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Last updated: October 29, 2009