Access & Discovery Projects

Library Course Tools (formerly known as Course Views)

Dynamically generated course-centric views of library resources and services.
Contact: Jason Casden.

NCSU Libraries Digital Collections: Rare and Unique Materials

Contact: Jason Ronallo

Blacklight Development (contribution)

A Solr-powered search application written in Ruby on Rails. Contact: Jason Ronallo.

markup_validity gem (contribution)

This Ruby gem validates XHTML as part of automated testing. Contact: Jason Ronallo.

Library Widget System

Infrastructure for assembling and serving dynamic and reusable bits of library content. Contact: Jason Casden.


A Web API to the NCSU Libraries catalog. Contact: Emily Lynema.

CatalogWS Applications

Applications using the CatalogWS API. Contact: Markus Wust.

Catalog Research Testbed

A hosted environment for conducting user research on faceted catalog interfaces.


A single search box interface to the NCSU Libraries. Contact: Cory Lown.

Library Article Linker

Tool for creating stable links to articles that work on and off campus. Contact: Josh Boyer.

Smart Subjects

Application and collection independent subject recommendations. Contact: Steven Morris.

Subject Browse

A user-centered approach to helping people find information on the library's web site. Contact: Angie Ballard.

Citation Builder

A web-based tool designed to quickly and easily generate citations for sources consulted during the research process.
Contact: Jason Walsh.