Films in Distance Education Courses

Having distance education students watch a film is not as simple as showing a film in a traditional classroom. However, there are options. If you plan ahead, consult with DELTA and/or NCSU Libraries, and stay flexible, there may be a good solution. Some of your options include:

Online Films

The NCSU Libraries provides a rapidly expanding collection of online videos in support of distance education and on-campus teaching. Learn more on the streaming video options listed on About the Video Collection website.

What if the film you need isn't available online?

If you'd like to request a purchase, contact Darby Orcutt, Assistant Head, Collection Management

A limited number of films shipped by NCSU Libraries

In the event that you need to use a film that's not available online, the NCSU Libraries may be able to purchase a limited number of films (less than one copy per student in your course) and ship them to the students upon request. This option works well for films that students can watch at varying times during the semester, and less well when every student has to watch the film during the same week. Contact Kim Duckett at the NCSU Libraries to discuss at or 919-513-3653.

Films available in D.H. Hill Library

NCSU Libraries may be able to purchase one or two copies of a film and make them available in D.H. Hill Library. This is not relevant to students who live far away, but if your distance education course has some students in the Raleigh area, it could be a consideration. Contact Sydney Thompson at the NCSU Libraries to discuss at or 919-513-3586.