Distance Learning Services for Faculty

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Don't leave the library out of your distance learning courses. The NCSU Libraries is committed to providing full services to students, no matter where they are or how they take classes. We are also committed to helping faculty find ways for their students to use library resources effectively. If your students can't come to the libraries, the libraries will go to them.

Five Things to Know About Using the NCSU Libraries as Distance Learning Faculty:

1. Your students can request home delivery of books and web delivery of articles

The Tripsaver distance learning delivery service is designed to support your students without the expectation that they can come to campus to check out books. We also make it easy for them to get their hands on any articles they need, all for free.

2. There's a Library Course Tools page for every course at NCSU

If you use Moodle, you will find a default block to Library Course Tools within your course site. You can also look up the Library Course Tools page to get a link.

3. Library User Instruction

Librarians are available to offer library instruction sessions (teaching your students how to use library resources) via various delivery options, including through Blackboard Collaborate (synchronous online classroom) and visits to off-campus locations. For more information, please contact Kim Duckett.

4. Films in distance education courses

5. DELTA Instructional Services

DELTA supports instructional tools such as Moodle, Mediasite, and Blackboard Collaborate; consults with faculty about putting courses online, instructional design, website design, and project planning; and offers learning technology workshops.

Need more information? Contact Rob Rucker, Head, Research and Information Services; Interim Head, Access and Delivery Services.