Recent Books Authored by NC State Faculty

The man who touched his own heart : true tales of science, surgery, and mystery
Dunn, Rob R., author.
Topics in nonparametric statistics : proceedings of the first Conference of the International Society for Nonparametric Statistics
Kōmeitō : politics and religion in Japan
Leveraging intersectionality : seeing and not seeing
Payton, Fay Cobb, author.
Landscape with light
Thompson, Jon, 1959-
Traversing the valley of death : a practical guide for corporate innovation leaders
Markham, Stephen K., author.
Pushing boundaries : students remember 30 years of wilderness challenge
Barker, Jared, author.
VBR video traffic models
Tanwir, Savera, author.
Sounding imperial : poetic voice and the politics of empire, 1730-1820
Mulholland, James, 1975-
Rapid prototyping of biomaterials : principles and applications
Chairhunt : the chairs of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library
Emery, Gwen Wood, author.
Writing clearly for clients and colleagues : the human service practitioner's guide
Ames, Natalie.
Economic dynamics of all members of the United Nations
Chukwu, Ethelbert N., author.
Android malware
Jiang, Xuxian, author.
Treetops at risk : challenges of global canopy ecology and conservation
The work of Raymond J. Carroll : the impact and influence of a statistician
Contemporary developments in statistical theory : a festschrift for Hira Lal Koul
Biopsychosocial perspectives on Arab Americans : culture, development, and health
Supporting families experiencing homelessness : current practices and future directions
Strategies for reducing drug and chemical residues in food animals : international approaches to residue avoidance, management, and testing
Exploring Southern Appalachian forests : an ecological guide to 30 great hikes in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia
Jeffries, Stephanie B.
Personal finance
Kapoor, Jack R., 1937- author.
Mobility and locative media : mobile communication in hybrid spaces
A first course in probability
Stewart, William J., 1946- author.
Communication research : asking questions, finding answers
Keyton, Joann.
Embedded systems: an introduction using the renesas rx62n microcontroller
Conrad, James M.
Thermodynamics : an engineering approach
Çengel, Yunus A., author.
Biology of ticks
Introduction to recreation services : sustainability for a changing world
Henderson, Karla A., author.
Federal tax research.
Sawyers, Roby, author.
Handbook of research in school Consultation
Creating fast, responsive and energy-efficient embedded systems using the Renesas RL78 microcontroller
Dean, Alexander G., author.
Rhetoric of a global epidemic : transcultural communication about SARS
Ding, Huiling.
Claiming the Union : citizenship in the post-Civil War South
Lee, Susanna Michele, 1975- author.
Piero della Francesca : Artist & Man
Banker, James R., author.
Plant-plant allelopathic interactions II : laboratory bioassays for water-soluble compounds with an emphasis on phenolic acids
Blum, Udo, 1939- author.
The Christian monitors : the Church of England and the age of benevolence, 1680-1730
Sirota, Brent S., 1976-
Building bridges from high poverty communities, to schools, to productive citizenship : a holistic approach to addressing poverty through exceptional educational leadership
Bass, Lisa (Lisa R.), author.
Experimental biochemistry : theory, experiment, analysis and reporting
Hardin, Charles, author.
Labor relations in the public sector
Kearney, Richard C., author.
U.S. doctorates in mathematics education : developing stewards of the discipline
Fundamentals of fiber science
Zhang, Xiangwu, (Writer on textile technology), author.
Materials for design 2
Bell, Victoria Ballard, author.
A guided tour of avian anatomy
Smallwood, James E.
Increasing multicultural understanding
Locke, Don C., author.
Public finance : a contemporary application of theory to policy
Hyman, David N., author.
Creation stories : being the final product of the ADN480 Illustration Studio
The housing bomb : why our addiction to houses is destroying the environment and threatening our society
Peterson, M. Nils, 1976-
Lincoln and the union governors
Harris, William C. (William Charles), 1933-
Soapbox rebellion : the Hobo Orator union and the free speech fights of the industrial workers of the world, 1909-1916
May, Matthew Scott.