Recent Books Authored by NC State Faculty

Tangible modeling with open source GIS
Patrasova, Anna, author.
Bruckner's Eighth symphony : a listener-guided analysis
Greene, David B.
The inverse problem of the calculus of variations : local and global theory
Architecture, culture, and spirituality
Agricultural and agribusiness law : an introduction for non-lawyers
Feitshans, T. A., author.
The adaptable Jesus of the Fourth Gospel : the pedagogy of the Logos
Sturdevant, Jason S., author.
Liminal fictions in postmodern culture : the politics of self-development
Phillips, Thomas, 1969- author.
An introduction to the policy process : theories, concepts, and models of public policy making
Birkland, Thomas A., author.
Highway engineering : planning, design, and operations
Findley, Daniel J. (Daniel Jonathan) author.
Handbook for science public information officers
Shipman, W. Matthew, author.
Divided spirits : tequila, mezcal, and the politics of production
Bowen, Sarah, 1978- author.
Engineering fundamentals of ring spinning/twisting, over-end unwinding and two-for-one twisting in textile processes
Batra, Subhash K. (Subhash Kumar)
The foundations of social research : meaning and perspective in the research process
Crotty, Michael.
Everyday economics : applications and answers for your life, your money, your government
Walden, M. L. (Michael Leonard), 1951-
Elementary principles of chemical processes
Felder, Richard M., 1939- author.
Geometric methods in signal and image analysis
Krim, Hamid.
Insect diets : science and technology
Cohen, Allen Carson.
Public interest design practice guidebook : SEED methodology, case studies, and critical issues
The tragedy of the commodity : oceans, fisheries, and aquaculture
Longo, Stefano, author.
Introduction to equine science
Pratt-Phillips, Shannon, author.
The end of consensus : diversity, neighborhoods, and the politics of public school assignments
Parcel, Toby L., author.
Plant functional genomics : methods and protocols
The Routledge companion to entrepreneurship
Family language learning : learn another language, raise bilingual children
Jernigan, Christine, 1969-
Aging and decision making : empirical and applied perspectives
Biological psychology
Kalat, James W., author.
Mathematical software - ICMS 2014 : 4th International Congress, Seoul, South Korea, August 5-9, 2014 : proceedings
International Congress of Mathematical Software (4th : 2014 : Seoul, South Korea)
Principles of microbial diversity
Brown, James W., 1958- author.
Matter & interactions
Chabay, Ruth W.
Partial differential equations : an introduction to theory and applications
Shearer, Michael.
End of an era : ADN480 Illustration Studio
The man who touched his own heart : true tales of science, surgery, and mystery
Dunn, Rob R., author.
Topics in nonparametric statistics : proceedings of the first Conference of the International Society for Nonparametric Statistics
Asphalt pavements
International Conference on Asphalt Pavements issuing body (2014 : Raleigh, North Carolina)
Kōmeitō : politics and religion in Japan
Leveraging intersectionality : seeing and not seeing
Payton, Fay Cobb, author.
Presidential campaign communication
Smith, Craig Allen, 1949 February 4-
Landscape with light
Thompson, Jon, 1959-
Modern ERP : select, implement & use today's advanced business systems
Bradford, Marianne, author.
Traversing the valley of death : a practical guide for corporate innovation leaders
Markham, Stephen K., author.
Pushing boundaries : students remember 30 years of wilderness challenge
Barker, Jerry, author.
VBR video traffic models
Tanwir, Savera, author.
Sounding imperial : poetic voice and the politics of empire, 1730-1820
Mulholland, James, 1975-
Rapid prototyping of biomaterials : principles and applications
Chairhunt : the chairs of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library
Emery, Gwen Wood, author.
Writing clearly for clients and colleagues : the human service practitioner's guide
Ames, Natalie.
Economic dynamics of all members of the United Nations
Chukwu, Ethelbert N., author.
Android malware
Jiang, Xuxian, author.
Treetops at risk : challenges of global canopy ecology and conservation
Contemporary developments in statistical theory : a festschrift for Hira Lal Koul