Collections & Research Strategy

The Collection Management Department develops, maintains, and enhances user-focused collections and communicates collection management strategies to internal and external library customers.

Department Staff

  • Hilary Davis

    Head, Collections & Research Strategy

  • Mira Waller

    Associate Head, Collections & Research Strategy

  • Darby Orcutt

    Assistant Head, Collections & Research Strategy

  • James Cheng

    NCSU Libraries Fellow

  • Debbie Currie

    Collections & Research Librarian for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Danica Lewis

    NCSU Libraries Fellow

  • Heidi Tebbe

    Collections & Research Librarian for Engineering and Data Science

  • John Vickery

    Analytics Coordinator and Collections & Research Librarian for Social Sciences

  • Markus Wust

    Digital Research and Scholarship Librarian

  • Shaun Bennett

    University Library Technician