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Problems linking to articles in EBSCO

Summon occasionally fails to successfully link to articles in EBSCO databases. Instead, the full-text article link drops users at a more general EBSCO search screen and it's not clear how to get to the actual article.

  • Cause: This is the result of the Summon database indexing EBSCO's content in a different manner than EBSCO. For example, EBSCO may index an issue of a journal by noting that articles start on page 10, 20, 30, etc. However, for the same issue, Summon may know of additional content on page 5, 15, 27, etc. So when Summon attempts to link to those items, EBSCO has not indexed them and gets confused.
  • Further, Summon may identify items as "articles" that meet a broader definition, such as editorial letters, credited photographs, or sidebar stories. These could be the things that appear on pages 5, 15, 27, etc. in the previous example.
  • The NCSU Libraries has communicated these issues to Serials Solutions, the provider of Summon. We are working on a solution.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Ask a Librarian. We can help you find the articles you identify in Summon.
    • Tip: Instead of the Article link Summon provides (via the 360 Link window), use the Journal link. Navigate to the year, volume, and issue as noted in the citation found in the Summon database. Find the article containing the page you're looking for (e.g., if Summon indicates the article starts on page 100, but no article in EBSCO appears to start on that page, get as close as possible: open up the article that starts on page 97 and scroll to page 100 to see if your article is indeed there) .
    • Tip: Use the "Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review" refining option in the results to reduce the number of these types of results.

Article link not working

Some vendors do not provide article-level linking.

  • Summon will provide a direct link to articles available through the NCSU Libraries. Sometimes, however, Summon only provides a link to a Journal, or the article link fails to turn up the full text. This is due to a lack of article-level links available through some publishers.
  • The NCSU Libraries is working to improve linking with Serials Solutions, the provider of Summon, and all vendors that lack article-level links.
  • Ask a Librarian for help locating any articles that you cannot link to from Summon.


More about Summon