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LexisNexis Academic (NCSU Only)

Gallup Poll News Service & Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing (U.S. focus)

GPNS Provides news centered on public opinion. Published each business day, articles from the Gallup Poll News Service analyze findings and trends in politics, business, social issues, and Americans' lifestyles. Coverage: February 20, 2003 to present.

Each Tuesday, the GPTB publishes in-depth articles on the opinions and issues Gallup is investigating in government, in the workplace, in schools, in hospitals, and in faith communities. Coverage: January 15, 2002 through March 03, 2006; no longer published.

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  1. Open LexisNexis Academic (NCSU Only).
  2. In the upper left, click on Sources.
  3. Then click on Find sources.
  4. Enter "poll" in the Keyword search box.
  5. Check one or more titles to search.
  6. Click OK - Continue at the right margin.
  7. You've set up a search screen, and can here enter public opinion topic words.

The Odum Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (at UNC-Chapel Hill)

Click Data Archive Services on the Odum homepage.

The Institute's Public Opinion Poll Database provides access to more than 230,000 poll questions from Harris Polls, state polls, the Southern Poll, the Carolina Poll and the Knight Foundation Community Poll. Enables searching "by key words, date, study number, study title, or state.

The system displays the full question text, study information, and frequency distributions, so it is useful both to users interested in looking up previous question wordings to develop questions for their own studies and to users interested in frequencies or in locating particular variables for statistical analysis."

Pew Research Center For The People & The Press
http://people-press.org/dataarchiv e/

"This page contains links to the Center's survey data [back to 1997] which are currently available on the web. Survey data are released six months after the reports are issued and are posted on the web as quickly as possible. If the information you are interested in is more than six months old but is not here, please contact the Pew Research Center at info@people-press.org ." Data sets are usually saved in SPSS format but some older data sets are in ASCII text format.

Roper Center Public Opinion Archives
(NCSU Only)

Foremost archive of U.S. polls covering the broad range of social science topics back to 1935; also includes some more recent international polls. Provides Gallup and the National Opinion Research Center polls as well as polls by NBC, The Los Angeles Times and many others. Specialized archives include the Japanese Data Archive; the North American Jewish Data Bank. A useful listing of sample data sets by topic is available. Direct download of data sets is only available for those studies marked as RoperExpress Roper Express icon(about 75% of U.S. public opinion studies and recent international ones), in ASCII or SPSS portable formats. Studies not available through RoperExpress are nevertheless included in the catalog and researchers may request expedited online access.

(NCSU Only)

Provides data sets of many U.S. media polls including ABC, CBS and The Washington Post in addition to the General Social Survey and National Election Survey. Requires registration and login before you can download data but our institutional membership makes the data free to you. See additional information about ICPSR.

Caveat: ICPSR data sets must be analyzed with statistical software like SAS or SPSS. This is not a quick source of statistics.

If you log in once from on campus, your login will be approved for off-campus login for six months.

See our FAQ for instructions on creating a login.
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