NCCS Data Web Tools

Getting Started

Links to One-Minute Tours as well as a detailed "Table of Contents" for the Help documentation

Search NTEE Definitions

Tool for exploring the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities; enables users to search for keywords to identify taxonomies relevant to their topical area (assigned by the IRS). Very useful to have this tool open in a separate browser window while using the database.
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Search NPC Codes

Search more specific codes classifying an organization's audience (assigned by NCCS)

Variable lists integrated with tax form

Under Database-Specific Resources heading, choose from Core Data, Digitized Data (i.e., NCCS-GuideStar National Nonprofit Database) and other subsets' variables

NCCS Data Web Resource Page

Includes tutorials, information guides and data dictionaries for each subset, among other things

NCCS Presentations

Informational presentations by NCCS staff about the Data Web, including two given at NC State University in the fall of 2006.


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