NCCS Data Web
(NCSU only)

The Data Web is a national repository of data on the U.S. nonprofit sector, based primarily on information submitted by the organizations themselves on their tax forms. Users can create reports, do some statistical analyses online, and extract data for downloading in a variety of software formats including dBase, Microsoft Excel, SAS, and SPSS.

Note: Full access to the Guidestar-NCCS 'Digitized Data' is available to NC State affiliates at no charge.  However, you will need to contact NCCS directly at to obtain an individual user name and password.  Access is typically provided during normal business hours within one business day.

Database includes several subsets:

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Sample Searches - Step-by-step examples
Data Web Caveats - Explanation of several things researchers should beware
Data Web Tips - Explanation of database quirks
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