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This listserv is for sharing information about numeric data. (Codes in parentheses enable filtering; see more below.) Possible notices will include:
  • tools available for online and/or in-class data use (Tools)
  • new or updated data sets, either
    • social science (SocSci) or
    • physical and life sciences (PhyLiSci)
  • research fellowships and seminars (RSRCH)
  • grants or other funding opportunities ($$$)
  • on-campus learning opportunities (ContEd)
  • roundtable meetings (RndTbl)
  • opportunities for interested students (Stu), and
  • other data-related notes of interest (Oth).

All messages from the moderator are coded in the subject line with the codes above to enable subscribers to filter for the messages in which they are particularly interested. (For instructions on how to set up email filters, check with your local computer consultant.)

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Typical Content

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Sending Messages

Subscribers are encouraged to share their own notes of interest. It's called "library_data" to identify it as originating in the library but it is not limited to data that the library holds or maintains, merely to issues of concern to those using data for research.

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