NCCS Data Web: GuideStar - NCCS Nonprofit Organizations Database: “Digitized Data”


  • Key punched independently by GuideStar from images scanned by IRS and purchased by NCCS
  • Finances checked and edited by NCCS
  • NCCS adds classifications, and other fields for researchers
  • All 501(c)(3) public charities filing 990s, EZs
  • FY 1998 – 2003
  • 400+ variables in multiple files
  • Part 3 program & org. descriptions
  • Part 5 and Sch. A, Part 1 compensation
  • Gov’t grants & full revenue detail
  • Full functional expense & balance sheet detail
  • “Naughty bits”: Other information and Sch. A


  • Only public charities
  • Approximately 1% of EINs don’t match IRS’s official list – no easy way to merge with or supplement Core Files
  • Data quality issues in Part 2 due to poor reporting by charities
  • Missing organizations in 1998 due to IRS scanning problems
  • Challenge working with large, complex database


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