NCCS Data Web: NCCS Core Files


  • Annual files of organizations filing IRS Forms 990
  • Standard methodology: 1989-2004
  • Public charities, private foundations, and non-501(c)(3) organizations
  • 303,000 in 2004
  • 100+ variables
  • Major financial variables, most types of rev., key expense detail

Core Trend Files (Subset of Core Files)

  • “Long and narrow” compilation of small subset of key financial variables from 1989 through latest Core file.
  • Available for public charities or private foundations.
  • Update for 2004 should be available soon.
  • We can also create custom “wide” datasets with imputed values for missing years.


  • 100 out of 400 or so possible variables
  • No government grants!
  • Most revenue vars, but weak detail in almost all other sections
  • Missing returns: 1990, 1992…
  • No “zero filers” (those reporting <$25k in gross receipts)

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