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HI 321: Ancient and Medieval Science

Course Instructor: Edith Sylla
Librarian: Cindy Levine

Reference Sources

Dictionary of Scientific Biography DH Hill Ref. Q141 .D5 1981
Substantial biographical essays about major scientists from the Ancient Greece through the twentieth century. Includes bibliographies of works by and about the scientists.(18 vols.)

Dictionary of the Middle Ages
D.H. Hill Ref. D114 .D5 1982
Actually an encyclopedia rather than a dictionary. Use the index volume to find articles on science, astronomy, mathematics, optics, and physics in Western, Islamic, and Jewish cultures during the Middle Ages. (12 vols.)

Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
D.H. Hill Ref. DS57. C55 1995
Encyclopedia of the Mediterranian world during antiquity, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Assyria and Persia. Part 8 focuses on religion and science. (4 vols.)

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