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HI 252: Modern American History

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In the reference area at D.H. Hill library, you will find many specialized encyclopedias that contain articles written by scholars. They are useful when you are looking for background information, or trying to quickly put names and events into historical context. They can help you understand and gain insight into other assigned readings. They can also serve as a bridge to important resources by highlighting key scholarship and by pointing you to original primary sources.

Dictionary of American History (10 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. E174 .D52 2003
Major reference source covering all areas of U.S. history. Vol. 9 contains archival maps and important primary source documents from U.S. history.

American National Biography(24 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. CT213 .A68 1999
Provides biographical information on more than "17,400 men and women, from all eras and walks of life, whose lives have shaped the nation." Highlights scholarship on these individuals, and provides information on where their papers are archived. Also available electronically.

Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History (3 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref E169.1 .E624 2001
Organized by historical periods as well as thematically. Illustrates the way in which U.S. history has been influenced by diverse cultural groups.

Encyclopedia of American Social History (3 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. HN57 .E58 1993
Entries explore daily life of Americans, and the interaction between different groups. Includes essays on identities such as race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexual and political orientation.

American Decades (9 vols.)
DH Hill Ref E169.12 .A419 1994
Starting with 1900-1909, this set of volumes gives the flavor of each decade in this century. Covers topics such as arts, business and economics, education, fashion, government and politics, law and justice, lifestyles and social trends, media, health and medicine, religion, science and technology, and sports.

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century (4 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. E740.7 .E53 1996
Articles written by historians. They narrate and analyze "topics and themes ranging from definitions of the American people, their politics and government, their society and its cultural expressions, to the American economic life and institutions, the effect of science and technology, and America's place in the world."

Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations (4 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. E183.7 .E53 1997
Covers people, ideas, and key events that shaped the foreign policy of the United States. Includes entries on countries and regions.

Encyclopedia of the American Civil War : A Political, Social, and Military History / David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler, editors (5 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. E468 .H47 2000
Written by scholars. Covers significant events and individuals, as well as social trends, technological innovations, and war strategies. Has a section with primary documents, as well as appendices with lists of military officers and a glossary of unique terms from the period.

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : A Political, Social, and Military History (3 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. DS557.7 .E535 1998
Comprehensive coverage of the military, social, and political aspects of the Vietnam War.

Encyclopedia of African-American culture and history (5 vols. + suppl.)
D.H. Hill Ref. E185 .E54 1996
Essays by scholars include biographical sketches, as well as essays on historical periods, cultural achievements, legal cases, each of the fifty states, and cities of special significance in African-American history.

Working Americans, 1880-1999 (1 vol.)
DH Hill Ref JHD8066 .D47 2000 v.1
For each decade, provides profiles of the lives of typical working families, describing their annual income, annual budget, life at home, at work, and in the community.

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