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Using Reaxys for the Organic Chemistry Lab Literature Searching Assignment

About Reaxys

Reaxys is an incredibly robust chemistry database that could be used to complete most of the organic chemistry lab assignment. It is important to professional chemistry researchers and any students planning further chemistry studies should learn to use it. It's very helpful for locating information on substances, articles about any chemistry topic, structures, and reactions.

Access to Reaxys

Reaxys is available through the NCSU Libraries. Users can create individual accounts within the database interface (not tied to NCSU Unity accounts) to save searches or create alerts.

Physical Properties and Spectra

Search for your compound using the Ask Reaxys box. The CAS number uniquely identifies a substance and is the most concise search. Common names often work, but may not be as precise.

In your search results, check under Available Data. Physical Data and Spectra should be listed.

Available Data in Reaxys

Click on Physical Data to see a list of physical properties available for your compound, along with references for the data.

Click on Spectra to obtain a list of references containing spectra for your compound. Click on Full Text to obtain the article. Note that sometimes the spectrum will be found in the supporting information for the article, not in the main text.

Spectra in Reaxys

Hazardous Properties

Hazardous property information is not a strength of Reaxys, and other sources are better places to start. However, under Available Data, look for Bioactivity or Ecological Data. If there is any information available, Reaxys will provide a description and a reference to the source of the information.

Method of Synthesis/Preparation

See the main synthesis page for instructions on using Reaxys to find this information.

Librarian Contact Information

If you need assistance, use the library's Ask Us service or contact your chemistry librarian:

  • Karen Ciccone, Director Natural Resources Library & Research Librarian for Science Informatics
  • 515-3513