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Dec 01 2014

The Taste of War; World War II and the Battle for Food

Book: The Taste of War; World War II and the Battle for Food

Author: Lizzie Collingham

Reviewer: Rob Maddin, Friends of the Library Life Member

This book provides a clear and insightful history of the important role food played in both the causes and prosecution of World War II. Lizzie Collingham’s writing style is succinct and engaging, and the information she provides is surprising, making this history of what might at first glance appear to be a mundane topic a real page turner. Among the many aspects dealt with are the use of food as a weapon, the use of food in the development of wartime policies and strategies, and the struggle to feed most of the world’s population during the second world war. In a comprehensive examination of these topics, the book addresses this important and previously neglected area of second world war history. The book is available in the D. H. Hill Library stacks.