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Nov 19 2013

My New Teacher and Me!

Book: My New Teacher and Me!

Author: Al Yankovic, Illustrations by Wes Hargis

Reviewer: Sharon Silcox, University Library Technician, Design Library, NCSU Libraries

Al Yankovic has written the most marvelous story of a rule-driven teacher and his first meeting with a boy named Billy whose imagination is as large as the universe! Mr. Yankovic’s words bounce off the page with a lively beat and zoom right along with Billy’s ideas that include pink poodles on an island between Norway and Guam and squid-eating contests in zero gravity. The illustrations keep right up, lively and bright and colorfully detailed, spilling over the edges of the page to encourage you to add your own ideas. Billy and his teacher find both that they can learn from each other and that discoveries most often come from people who “look at the world just a bit differently.”  Applause to Mr. Yankovic for writing a story that encourages the child in all of us!!