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Nov 18 2013


Book: Exodus

Author: Leon Uris

Reviewer: Warren Stephenson, Friends of the Library Board of Trustees

I went back and read Leon Uris’ book, “Exodus” which was completed  in 1958.  He is one of the best “story tellers” I have ever read. It is history which he researches and experiences since he covered the Israeli-Arab conflict of 1956 as a war correspondent.

It tell of the founding of the State of Israel and is based on the name of the 1947 immigration ship “Exodus”. It is the story of Ari Ben Canaan (played by Paul Newman in the 1960 movie) hatching a plan to move Jewish refugees from a British detention camp in Cyprus to Palestine.  The book then traces the histories of various main characters and the ties of their personal lives to the birth of the new Jewish state.  Uris makes his characters real and almost “touchable”.