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Nov 18 2011


Book: Swamplandia!
Author: Karen Russell
Reviewer: Sarah Stein, Associate Professor, Communication, NC State

One of the best novels I read in 2011 was Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. There’s a genre called Florida Gothic which doesn’t at all appeal to me by its name, but I think Swamplandia! fits and is a terrific book. It is a story about a family of alligator wrestlers in the Everglades, told by an 11 year old, and as adult readers we infer what she cannot. The writing is so limpid and engaging, however, I lost the ability to step outside the narrative as the book went along, and was thus caught up in the events as they unfurled as much as the protagonist. A funny, fascinating, and at times heartrending piece of imagination — I highly recommend it.