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Nov 04 2010

The Age of Wonder

Age of Wonder coverBook: The Age of Wonder

Author: Richard Holmes

Reviewer: Andreas Orphanides, Librarian, Digital Technologies and Learning, NCSU Libraries

It’s easy to pretend that our knowledge of the universe comes to us from on high, communicated to us through infallible avatars that we call scientists. Of course, the reality is not so simple. In Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes explores the lives, lessons, and discoveries of major figures from the Enlightenment, sharing tales of their personal triumphs and tragedies, and shedding light on the human side of scientific discovery.

2 Responses to “The Age of Wonder”

  1. Karen Ciccone says:

    I also love this book. The accounts of Joseph Banks in paradise, the thrilling flights and tragic deaths of the first aeronauts, Humphry Davy’s experiments with nitrous oxide, and the vitalism debate are especially fascinating.

  2. David Hiscoe says:

    Totally agree with Dre and Karen. This is definitely on my “top ten” list.