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Nov 01 2010

The Monk and the Riddle

The Monk and the Riddle coverBook: The Monk and the Riddle
Author: Randy Komisar
Reviewer: Jay Dawkins, Friends of the Library Board of Directors and former NC State Senior Class President and Student Body President
My best read lately has been The Monk and the Riddle, a book about creating a life while making a living. It’s written by Randy Komisar, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who works with entrepreneurs to launch their startup companies. It was recommended to me by Jason Massey, an NC State entrepreneur who worked with Randy.
Through a wealth of personal experiences and a well-crafted story, Komisar shows us that the best startups are not necessarily those with the best business plans, money, or even market opportunity. In fact, it seems like those factors pale in comparison to one question: would you be willing to do this for the rest of your life? If the answer is no, then the companies, and their founders aren’t nearly as likely to achieve success. Komisar masterfully explains how deferring life for ‘after we make the money’ doesn’t offer nearly the benefits, happiness, or fulfillment of a life more in tune with what we care about.
It’s a fast, inspiring read and perfect for entrepreneurs, business-minded people, or anyone pondering what to do with the rest of their life.
DH Hill library has a 181 page hardcopy and students can access an e-book version through the library website.