Humphreys, Henry Noel, (1810-1879).

The Art of Illumination and Missal Painting. A Guide to Modern Illuminators; Illustrated by a Series of Specimens, from Richly Illuminated MSS of Various Periods, Accompanied by a Set of Outlines, to be Coloured by the Student According to the Theories Developed in the Work.

London: H.G. Bohn, 1849.

Henry Noel Humphreys (1810-1879), a successful British illustrator, naturalist, and numismatist, became an accomplished scholar in numerous subjects in the humanities and sciences. In addition to his entomological texts, Humphreys authored works on ancient coins, archaeology, and the art of writing and printing. Humphreys intended his Art of Illumination to be a manual for students to learn the technique of illumination. It contains splendid examples of high-quality chromolithographs, some of which were printed in fourteen different colors. It is a rare and superb example of a Victorian binding in white leather with a chromolithograph paper label inset into the binding and lined with gold.

Cover of Henry Noel Humphreys work entitled, "The Art of Illumination and Missal Painting."