photographs of tobacco growing

Materials used for Bright Leaves: Tobacco Materials from the Collections of NCSU Libraries are from the Manuscript Collection, the University Archives, and the Rare Book Collection in the Special Collections Research Center. Books were also selected from the general stacks at NCSU Libraries. In addition, some materials used in the exhibit were donated by Professor Bill Collins, Coordinator of Tobacco Programs.

ncsu publications "when hail hits tobacco" and "flue curing tobacco barn construction"

Web exhibit design:
Caroline Weaver

book titled "A Pioneer Tobacco Merchant In The Orient" and Tobacco Associates, Inc. Report
book titled "Over His Cigar" and drawing of tobacco plant
books titled "Tobakiana" and  "A Smoker's Reveries"
Advertisements for Chesterfield cigarettes

Web exhibit text:
Caroline Weaver and Sara Bell

book titled "Dissertatio Satyrica Physico-medico-moralis de Pica Nasi, Sive Tabaci Sternutatorii Moderno Abusu, & Noxa" and flyer on hail damaged tobacco

Exhibit team:
Caroline Weaver, Sara Bell, and Cilla Golas


ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes and Chesterfield cigarettes