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Trustees minutes, 22 March 1900.  Quote: "Mr. Tompkins moved that Mr. Peele prepare a bill  to be presented to the full board and if approved, presented to the Legislature at June meeting, as follows: I. Authorized the Board of Trustees at A. and M. College to borrow $10,000. to build and equip a Textile Department at the College.
Board of Trustees minutes from 22 March 1900

Textiles have been an important part of NC State University for one-hundred years. The College of Textiles has a rich history and is very prominent in textiles education. Its history encompasses early courses in weaving and textile design through current research in textile composite materials for spacecraft, automobiles, and bridges.

Drawing on the holdings of the Special Collections Research Center and the Burlington Textiles Library, the exhibit features highlights of the college's history. Contents include vintage photographs from the University Archives and various other textiles related materials.